Life Lately: I Suck At Running, But I'm Running

No shop, jewelry, or social media talk today. This month makes ONE YEAR since I went out for a walk one Monday morning and I started to jog!  I haven't talked about it lately but I'm still on this fitness kick going out just about every morning to go walking/jogging/running, I wish there was one word to describe what I do..."WaJoRu?" Sure why not? 


My cardio has gotten SO much better!  I was worried I might be pushing myself too hard but after a recent visit with my Cardiologist, my ticker is A-OK.  

I struggle and feel weird calling myself a "runner." I keep reading that even if you run a little, or run slow, you are a runner.  So I'm a runner, a sucky runner, but a runner, and that's pretty cool. I'm still getting acquainted with this title.  There is so much truth about the way you feel afterward.  Sure I'm sore and I ache a little, but I feel so kick-ass after I get 3 or 4 miles done that day.  I anticipate going out again the next morning and do better.

I give myself a hard time thinking I should be better after a year.  That's when I check myself with a reminder that 15 months ago, I never thought I'd be waking up early every morning just to go jogging.  I mean me + exercising just never quite meshed except for Yoga but even that stopped.

image from

Since I last wrote a fitness post, I made a few changes.  In addition to MapMyRun, I got the Nike+ app. I am not part of any local running clubs nor do I have anyone go to WaJoRu'ng with so I was able to get some "friends" through the Nike+ app.  It's a little extra motivation for me to not want to be the slowest of the bunch.   My confidence has improved greatly, despite calling myself a "sucky runner."

I will never go on a diet!!

My eating habits are okay, but they could be better. I really need to start keeping a food journal.  Weight Watchers, the three times I tried, never worked out. I'm bad at keeping track of things like that. I used to be so good at journaling when I was younger.  While I don't necessarily pig out, I looooove food, especially sweets. Sweet, sugary, goodness.  The thought of "giving up" anything just doesn't sit well with me, but I am gonna try to make better decisions on how much and how often I indulge, because I will indulge, believe that.   

I feel like my focus has shifted from blogging and making jewelry towards getting myself in shape. I think about it a lot now and may write about it more (you've been warned).  Why did it take me this long to take my physical well being seriously?? 

Happy Halloween - Spooky Links For Your Weekend!

I wanted to make sure I was able to wish all of you a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Since it's Friday, it is also a good time to leave you with some links to check out in honor of the best holiday of the year!

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Happy National Coffee Day - A Love Letter


Yeah buddy!  While every day is a National "Something" Day, please believe I keep track of the "coffee" day!  

Dear Coffee,

You know I can't quit you Baby!  I may go through days where I drink less of you because it's messing up my sleep, but I always come back.

Tea is nice.....but it's not you.  Drinking a chai tea still does not feel like a warm hug assuring me "You're gonna have a good day."  Only you can do that, plus you go well with CAKE!

I love you Coffee, today and every day. 



It's Coffee O'Clock

NYC Weekend Visit - A Whole Lot Of Fashion

It appears that when I go for my July visits to the city, a visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in order. This year's big fashion exhibit is China: Through The Looking Glass and it was stunning.  It depicts how traditional Chinese design has impacted on Western fashion over the years.  

A truly inspiring exhibit which is also pretty big as it takes up three floors of the museum.  The exhibit ends September 7th so if you're planning a trip to the city, this a must see!  In the meantime, here are some pictures.

July weekend in NYC

Some of these rooms were so dark and I did not want to use a flash so I did my best to photograph what I could.  The below are gowns inspired by blue and white porcelain dishes.

July weekend in NYC

 This room was so mind blowing, I could have spent the whole day in here.

July weekend in NYC

July weekend in NYC

July weekend in NYC

 Red because, China, ya know?




SHAG - All My Bones

Last weekend was crazy busy full of fun stuff but one of the highlights was getting to check out the latest Shag art exhibit at the Jonathan Levine Gallery.  I am such a huge fan of Josh Agle ("Shag") and make it a point to see whatever shows he has going on in New York.  

His work is colorful, it's retro, it's kitsch, lots of it is very tongue-in-cheek, and some with dark humor. His work is perfection in my world.  

SHAG - All My Bones

This one was HUGE, it could almost take up one of my walls. I would loooooove to one day have a Shag original. 

SHAG - All My Bones


I wish you can see the details but I didn't want to get TOO close to the paintings.  

SHAG - All My Bones

I love the framing too. :) 

SHAG - All My Bones


I also love how his brush strokes are incorporated in the image like the lighter green background in this one.  Plus TIKI HEAD!

If you hear about a Shag exhibit in your town, run! Don't walk! If you get a chance to attend an opening, do it.  He will most likely be there and is super duper fluper friendly. :) 



Another NYC Guide For Tight Budgets

I'm in the middle of planning our city visit this weekend and that planning involves what we can do without spending much money.  We are usually in the Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea area when we're in town and while New York can be expensive, your stay doesn't have to be.  This post is going to be FULL of links to older posts because I tend to write about our stays a lot. 

We sleep on my parents couch so we don't pay for hotels but there are a bazillion options of where to stay that's affordable. You don't even have to stay Manhattan.  Also Air BnB is pretty popular.  Many parts of Queens, Brooklyn and Jersey City are just quick subway/ferry ride away from Midtown Manhattan. 

PhotoLet's talk about ART!  If you love art, there is a lot of it you can take in for free.  You don't have to stand on long lines and pay a ridiculous fee.  Art Galleries are FREE!  It only cost money if you're a big spender and looking to buy some art.  

The Chelsea neighborhood is full of galleries.  Our go to spot is located at 529 West 20th Street between 10th & 11th Avenue.  It is not only the home to the Jonathan Levine Gallery (one of my favorites) but a bunch more galleries all located in this big industrial building.  Almost every floor from top to bottom has one or two galleries to check out.  We usually take the elevator to the top floor and work our way down.  It's also located near Chelsea Piers & Chelsea Market. 

We hardly take the subway (which is $2.75 a ride now, F that!).  We walk along the Westside Highway which is almost entirely a riverfront park on the Hudson. We walk south to Chelsea or the West Village, it's a nice alternative to very popular Highline which is just one avenue east.  The Highline is nice if you go early in the morning.  Most museums either have a free day or free admission after certain hours. I found a nice guide that lists a bunch.

What about food?  

There are SOOOOO many restaurants in the city, don't bother with the big chains you can go to back home.   We have our usual restaurants we dine at in Hell's Kitchen like Gotham Market West, Jing (Asian Fusion), Tulcingo del Valle (Mexican), Island Burgers & Shakes, Georgio's Country Grill, Hell's Chicken(Korean), Bambolio on Bleecker Street in the West Village, and more. Usually when we dine out, dinner is under $35, it helps when you don't drink alcohol I guess.

image from

ONE SLICE of cake from Amy's Bread is big enough for two people.  That is a $2.50 dessert per person!  They have three locations in Hell's Kitchen, West Village, and Chelsea Market.  I always pay them a visit. 

What's more New York than grabbing a slice of Pizza?  I grew up on slices from a bunch of different pizza places, some really good and some really missing the mark.   If you are really strapped for cash, 2 Bros Pizza have $1 slices! And you know what? They're not bad!

You know what else is awesome? STREET FOOD! I'm not talking about the fancy schmancy food trucks. I mean the silver, no-name food stands.  There is a guy on the corner of 9th Avenue and 43rd Street with a fruit stand and it is the cheapest produce you'll find anywhere and they're fresh fruit too! 

When I was working in the city, I skipped Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts in the morning and I got my coffee from a guy on the corner of 55th & 3rd Avenue. A large coffee for $1.25 and it is the best coffee I ever purchased.  I still miss that coffee. 

Photo (2)Yes, there was one morning I actually purchase TWO large cups of coffee from him. I was feeling miserable that morning lol!

You'll find these little coffee carts every few blocks most weekday mornings.  They would also have donuts, rolls, and bagels you could grab. If they were "fancy", maybe even make an egg sandwich.  You don't need to spend a ton on breakfast when you can get a coffee and bowtie for $3.00.

In the warmer weather, you may happen upon a random Street Festival with the smell of sausage and peppers and fried dough in the air.  Don't fight it, give in to the street food greasiness!

There is sooooooo much more I can talk about like Governors Island, Lower East Side, and so much more.  You can always shoot me a question in the comment on where to do, where to eat, what to do and I'll be happy to share some alternative recommendations! :) 

Jewelry of MAD MEN

Do you love Mad Men? Are you sad to see it all come to an end this season? I do love me some Don Draper. 

As my loving tribute, I wanted to dedicate a post to the JEWELRY of Mad Men. I consider mid-century style and personal design inspiration for Pulp Sushi jewelry so I hope you enjoy what I've put together today.


Pearls! Lots and lots of pearls.  Big pearls, small pearls, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings.  Still very popular today, and you don't have to be a snotty, shallow bitch to wear them, right Betty? I like using Fresh Water Pearls in my jewelry.


My favorite, Joan, wore her gold pen necklace a lot throughout the show.  I don't think I ever actually showed her using it but it's there if you need a pen.  

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.51.29 PMI think I relate the most to Peggy.  Very shy and reserved, more comfortable hanging out with the guys.  Is more confident with her smarts then appearance.  She kept her accessories simple, never really wore big pieces of jewelry.  And gives a presentation not realizing she has lipstick on her teeth.

Are you a fan of Mad Men? Shall we start a support group now to begin the healing process? 

Loving Lately - My Kindle Fire

Loving Lately

I have a Kindle Fire HD 7 which I got a couple of years ago on a whim when Amazon was offering a ridiculous Cyber Monday sale. I didn't know if I was going to get into ebooks since I love reading books so much but it won me over.  It's especially comfy to read when I'm laying in bed, which seems to be when I do most of my reading - at the end of the day before I fall asleep.

My Kindle and I were off to a slow start.  At first I didn't have wifi so I was pretty limited using it and I didn't care much for the free books available.  Once I got wifi and figured out how to download ebooks from some of my favorite bloggers, my world changed.  And I discovered the public library's digital catalog! Woooooo!  I recently borrowed Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children which is creepy as fuck and I'm questioning if I should keep reading this before I go to sleep. 

I've been reading more business development ebooks I've purchased on Etsy and freebies that I've downloaded that I think would be cool to review here in separate posts but they include reads from Dave Conrey and Regina Anaejionu.  I think I'm reading TOO much now. 

Have you noticed that there are A LOT of motivational/business consultants out there? Wow! But I digress...

What have you been reading lately? What type of books do you like to read? 

Favorite Instagrams To Follow

Favorite InstagramsTo Follow

Out of all the super hot social media platforms, Instagram continues to grow and has beat out Facebook and Twitter in popularity amongst the young folk. I love it! I didn't know what I was doing with it at first but it's now something I look at several times a day.  Today I wanted to show off some of my favorite Instagram accounts, not to say I don't enjoy them all, otherwise I wouldn't follow them.

Before I do that, I wanted to share some thoughts I had while preparing this post.  One of those thoughts was: 

I need to step up my Instagram game!!

Seriously!  It's great to promote your items and share your life but whoa, it can get a little bit crazy. At least it did for me. I got a little bit of everything going on with a link to my Etsy shop and a mention that I  make jewelry in my profile.  Sure, I want to gain more followers on Instagram because you're instantly in everyone's pocket (on their phone) and people check their phones more than their computers. 

One thing that these IG favorties have in common is consistency with their images which may be why I'm so drawn to them.  I can go through my feed and identify who the image is from without looking at the name.   If Instagram is not a good test on branding, I don't know what is!  Let's take a closer look....

Favorite Instagram Picks - Part 1I love Everyday Is A Holiday and their throwback art catering to the sweet tooth when people didn't care about organic, gluten-free bullshit.  Their overall color scheme has always been soft pink and teal or super light blue - all the way down to Jenny's hair! You can see more @jennyeveryday

Favorite Instagram Picks - Part 1I don't follow any big box companies on Instagram except for Lowe's, yeah that's right - a store I hardly ever go in to, not because I have beef with Lowe's, it's just because there's a Home Depot just 5 minutes away. Anyway, I first noticed Lowe's cool promotion on Pinterest and discovered that their Instagram was just as pretty after Victoria from SF Girl By Bay was guest Instagrammer for them not too long ago.  Take a look at their pretties @loweshomeimprovement

Favorite Instagram Picks - Part 1I first met Rebecca Peacock when I was doing the Bazaar-on-Hudson market in Cold Spring.  Her jewelry is so elegant, classy, and "casually luxurious" (her words) and her images reflect that in tone and setting.  You can see more @rebecca_peacock

Favorite Instagram Picks - Part 1One of my favorite shirts to wear is from The Stay Home Club.  Funny enough, I learned about their business through a Instagram giveaway (I didn't win).  Great product and customer appreciation photos, plus regular giveaways.  Follow them @stayhomeclubofficial

Favorite Instagram Picks - Part 1Yay Nguyen! From her needle-felt eyeball ornaments to embroidered animal pendants, this girl's work is flawless.   Her IG is a perfect mix of promotion, behind the scenes and just living life to the fullest.  Follow along @knitknitetsy.

Do you have an Instagram account? Do you use it to promote your business/blog? Or is just for personal amusement? 

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This fashion "trend"  has been going on for a few years now and I don't think it's going to go away any time soon. I'm talking about Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  

In the beginning, I was amused, then it got too big and I thought it was getting lame, but I've embraced it and will probably end up with one next year.   But I can't just have any tacky-ass sweater, it's still gotta have a darker undertone to it.

Click image to view listings

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.52.12 PMSo I kinda got a thing for Krampus. I love the Krampus story because there are a lot of rotten kids out there.  This sweater from Blame Betty will be at the top of my list. 


Because you gotta zombiefy everything now, why not Christmas?  It almost looks like Santa has a priest collar, even more funny! Middle of Beyond has a crazy selection of sweaters. 


And last there's a Black Metal Snowman from Shredders Apparel, because nothing is more unintentionally funny than Black Metal.