Shipping Rates Update At Pulp Sushi


I was in denial. Every time I heard about the cost of shipping going up January 17, 2016, I just covered my ears and said "Lalalalalalalalalalala!!!!" I was getting the emails from Etsy, who has done a good job making sure Sellers were on top of this, I just didn't want to deal. 

This morning I sucked it up and updated the shipping in my shop.  If you live in the United States, you won't see that much of a difference. If you live in Canada and elsewhere, it's gonna hurt. What hurts me the most is charging more for Canada.  For many years, Canada was just a few cents more than Domestic, now it's like they're on the other side of the world.  Why is it so expensive to ship to Canada now?!?!?!?  What have they done? What have WE done?!?!

I can imagine more people will be shopping "local" online just to save on shipping costs.  It's a bummer.  Many small business rely on International customers to keep their business going.   I'm really sorry that I have to do this, as I'm sure many sellers are but our hands are tied. 

All Charm Necklaces Marked Down - $16.00

Let's start the new year with some good news! I marked down all of my charm necklaces in my Etsy shop to $16.00!! This is not a sale, no coupon code needed!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.14.01 AM

Valentine's Day is just over a month away and a piece of jewelry always makes a nice gift.  Give your partner a poke in the arm and tell them a cute charm necklace would make a nice gift....and dinner, don't forget dinner.  So head on over to and pick up a new necklace today!


Pulp Sushi At Moses Lake Museum and Art Center

Today I am really excited to announce that my items are now available at the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center in Moses Lake, WA.  My first museum!!


History + Art. The Moses Lake Museum & Art Center, Moses Lake's cultural nucleus, located in the Moses Lake Civic Center. The museum is home to the Adam East Collection of Native American artifacts, local historical exhibits, a fine art gallery, museum store and a giant Columbian Mammoth metal sculpture. Admission is free.


These images are lovely! What a nice looking space. If you're in that neck of the woods, check it out! You have nothing to lose right? I mean it's "Free Admission!"   You can also follow them on Facebook.

New Charm Necklaces

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was a holiday so I took an extra day from anything work-related (in the spirit of Labor Day!)

So let's start the week with some new merch shall we? I got some new charm necklaces to share with you today. You can find them in the Etsy and Storenvy shops. The images below link to their Etsy listings.




This Tea Pot is just TOO cute! I have two more necklaces I will be adding a couple more with different color Czech beads.



Have I ever shared a customer story who purchased a locket necklace from me? She was looking for something she could carry her husbands hair in. I thought it was very sweet and I was flattered she chose my necklace for it.  

I'm Seeing RED! New Jewelry For Sale!

I meant to share what's new in the shop last week but before you knew it, the weekend arrived and I skipped town, sorry about that!

I wasn't exactly on a "Red Kick", I just happen to have a lot of red beads stock and red is such a hot color any time of the year. Red is a very powerful color.  It is a color that symbolizes so much emotion from love to anger, danger, power, aggression and energy. It's a fun color to play with.




I got a lot of new materials that I am excited to work with so there will be more updates soon.  

I've been planning my upcoming holiday shows and I feel like I'm over my sluggish non-productive hump.  I am sooooo looking forward to the Summer ending already.  I'm excited for the Fall and Winter as a lot of cool stuff is coming up. 

I submitted my application for this year's Hudson Valley Hullabaloo and I was talking to Mike about Bard College's holiday craft fair - which I hope they do again this year. And of course there is the holiday show that my Etsy team puts together in Beacon, NY so as usual, the holidays are going to be busy and I will do my best to try to enjoy some of it.  

Are you getting your shops ready for the holidays yet? 

New Shop and Etsy Pop-Up Market

I'm excited to share some news today!  First, you can now find my jewelry and hair pins available for sale at Shop B. Intentional Living located at 610 Main Street, Bradley Beach, New Jersey 07720 right by the Jersey Shore. 

Pulp Sushi available at Intentional B in NJ
What a cute storefront!

Here you will find inspired handmade gifts, artisan work, Fair Trade items and Craft Workshops, what's not to love?  Check out more of their super cuteness on Facebook

My other news is I was selected to be one of the vendors of an Etsy Pop-Up Market next weekend! It will be a part of Chronogram Magazine's annual block party

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 10.13.55 AM

I love reading Chronogram Magazine as it is THE source of finding out what's going on in the Hudson Valley with the arts.  

They started the block party three years ago to celebrate a milestone anniversary and they've kept it going.  We've gone to the last two and were planning to go this year even if I wasn't doing the market so it worked out!  If you're in Ulster County that day, you'll find me in Kingston - I love Kingston. :) 

New at Pulp Sushi Jewelry

This week I added two new necklaces to the shop mixing old with new. Most of the components from both necklaces come from older pieces. So I took them apart and put my special touch to them.  You can click the image to view the Etsy listings.


While I am at it, I was loooooooong overdue for some new display cards. There was a mixup with Vistaprint at first but they were able to fix it and now I'm super happy with how they came out.


I will punch holes in them for earrings, hair pins, and necklaces. I left a little extra space on top for a reason. They won't fit in my small gift boxes as it is so I will have to take a little off the top. :)

I don't know about you but this felt like a LONG week! I hope you have fun plans this weekend!

Jewelry Design Gone Wrong

I am just taking my sweet-ass time with the jewelry shop updates aren't I? Here's the thing, I had an idea for earrings. Now that I've made those earrings, I'm not 100% feeling it. I hate when that happens! I don't even want to post a picture of them.

Instead I have this pretty, pretty, pretty necklace I added which I love!  It is also available in the Storenvy shop if that tickles your fancy.  

GreenkeySo these earrings are sitting at my table and I don't know what to do with them. It makes me think of what Tim Gunn said to a contestant on Project Runway a few years ago, "Do you want THIS to represent what you're capable of?" And the answer for me is no, I guess I better start over.

I mentioned that I love this necklace.  This is how I want to feel about everything I create. I don't want it be "Eh, it's good enough." I want to be proud of what I make and show off. 

Did you ever have an idea for a product or design that you thought would be awesome only to be disappointed with the turnout? What do you do?