PICTURES! Thanksgiving Weekend In NYC

What a busy Thanksgiving weekend!  Thanksgiving this year was a complete contrast to last year where we were buried in snow.  This year was unseasonably warm in the lower 60s so it was a good time to visit the city.  We headed down Wednesday afternoon and went to check out the Thanksgiving Day balloons get inflated.  

I've lived in NYC all of my life and never got to do this.   It's such a New York thing to do, I had to experience this at least once - as much as I hate crowds.  Crowded it was!  I timed it from the moment we got on the actual line to the time we exited, it took us an hour and 15 minutes to see it all. Not bad I guess.  This would be the closest we get to these balloons. 

image from
Ronald's head may be a little too close to Kool-Aid
image from
Hello Kitty Ready For Takeoff!
image from
My ultimate favorite SNOOPY!!

Afterward we walked south and cut through Lincoln Center, it's always pretty to walk through at night. It was especially busy this night.

The next morning we got up a little early, not a lot early, and walked over to Columbus Circle to watch some of the parade.  People start lining up as early as 6:00 am to get a good spot. I used to do this with my mother and brother, maybe not get there at 6 AM but maybe wake up at that time.

We got there maybe about halfway through but that's ok because I got to see SNOOPY again!  We don't need to stand too close, we can see the balloons, some of the floats, got to hear the marching bands, so that's cool with me.

Once the parade was over, we went to Central Park for a little bit.  It was crazy busy but again, it was crazy warm too so a lot of folks just stuck around after Santa ended the parade. 

No crazy Black Friday craziness for us but we still went out later and headed to the New York Historical Society.   It was my first time there - there are just TOO many museums in New York, but anything that showcases New York's history, I'm all over it.   There was a Batmobile in the lobby as part of their "Superheros in Gotham" exhibit. This is Batmobile #3 from the TV show. 

Another exhibit was "Silicon City: Computer History Made In New York" and how NYC helped introduced the digital age to the world back in the early 20th century all the way up to present showcasing 3D Printing.  This sad owl is a 3D printed figure surrounded by Etsy buttons.  This can be interpreted in so many ways...

The New York Historical Society is also across the street from Central Park (Central Park West) next to the Museum of Natural History.  So why not take another walk through Central Park? So what if its getting darker.  There's still a lot of people out and we're smart when it comes to walking through CP at night. 

image from
I wish my iPhone took better pictures at night =/

Central Park ends (starts?) at Columbus Circle where the Time Warner Center is located. Even though it was Black Friday and this place is kind of a mall with stores I'll probably never shop in, I know they have a great light show for the holidays so I had to check it out.   These lights change colors but the blue may be my favorite.

Speaking of Holiday decorations, I snapped some pictures from my parents building lobby.  They put up their tree early this year but it's always the same and it's always so pretty.  A very cool looking Menorah too, it's pretty big, those candles are about 3 feet tall.

 Hope you enjoyed my little picture show!  Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? 

Favorite Instagrams To Follow

Favorite InstagramsTo Follow

Out of all the super hot social media platforms, Instagram continues to grow and has beat out Facebook and Twitter in popularity amongst the young folk. I love it! I didn't know what I was doing with it at first but it's now something I look at several times a day.  Today I wanted to show off some of my favorite Instagram accounts, not to say I don't enjoy them all, otherwise I wouldn't follow them.

Before I do that, I wanted to share some thoughts I had while preparing this post.  One of those thoughts was: 

I need to step up my Instagram game!!

Seriously!  It's great to promote your items and share your life but whoa, it can get a little bit crazy. At least it did for me. I got a little bit of everything going on with a link to my Etsy shop and a mention that I  make jewelry in my profile.  Sure, I want to gain more followers on Instagram because you're instantly in everyone's pocket (on their phone) and people check their phones more than their computers. 

One thing that these IG favorties have in common is consistency with their images which may be why I'm so drawn to them.  I can go through my feed and identify who the image is from without looking at the name.   If Instagram is not a good test on branding, I don't know what is!  Let's take a closer look....

Favorite Instagram Picks - Part 1I love Everyday Is A Holiday and their throwback art catering to the sweet tooth when people didn't care about organic, gluten-free bullshit.  Their overall color scheme has always been soft pink and teal or super light blue - all the way down to Jenny's hair! You can see more @jennyeveryday

Favorite Instagram Picks - Part 1I don't follow any big box companies on Instagram except for Lowe's, yeah that's right - a store I hardly ever go in to, not because I have beef with Lowe's, it's just because there's a Home Depot just 5 minutes away. Anyway, I first noticed Lowe's cool promotion on Pinterest and discovered that their Instagram was just as pretty after Victoria from SF Girl By Bay was guest Instagrammer for them not too long ago.  Take a look at their pretties @loweshomeimprovement

Favorite Instagram Picks - Part 1I first met Rebecca Peacock when I was doing the Bazaar-on-Hudson market in Cold Spring.  Her jewelry is so elegant, classy, and "casually luxurious" (her words) and her images reflect that in tone and setting.  You can see more @rebecca_peacock

Favorite Instagram Picks - Part 1One of my favorite shirts to wear is from The Stay Home Club.  Funny enough, I learned about their business through a Instagram giveaway (I didn't win).  Great product and customer appreciation photos, plus regular giveaways.  Follow them @stayhomeclubofficial

Favorite Instagram Picks - Part 1Yay Nguyen! From her needle-felt eyeball ornaments to embroidered animal pendants, this girl's work is flawless.   Her IG is a perfect mix of promotion, behind the scenes and just living life to the fullest.  Follow along @knitknitetsy.

Do you have an Instagram account? Do you use it to promote your business/blog? Or is just for personal amusement? 

November In Recap

Whoa where did November go? Seriously? Thanksgiving already happened? Ah crap! November must have been busy between putting together gift guides and getting ready for holiday craft fairs, I'm still knee deep in it!  

I haven't brought it up yet here but I also got on a serious exercise kick this month.  Earlier this month I woke up one Monday morning and decided to go for an early walk and started jogging during the walk which was very UNLIKE me.  But I've been doing that regularly and I'm feeling good about it.  I picked the WORST time of year to start but what matters is I started.  I'll talk more about that in another post.  

On to some pictures! 


Some more from November: 

- Is Your Blog Responsive? 
- Spotlight on Mindful Matters Jewelry
- My new tattoo!
- Hudson Valley Hullabaloo Recap

Have a great December everyone, let the birthday countdown begin! =D

October In Recap

October was a fun month, it always is. It's my favorite month.  Leaves changing, another trip to the city, creepy dolls, and more. It was also when my blog got another makeover which I think i'll keep for a while.


What else happened this month? 

I know October is not over until after tomorrow but it's HALLOWEEN and I want to share a Halloween related post.  

There's still time to purchase an ad space for November and December.  Your shop will be included in my special Holiday Gift Guide series with ad purchase.

See you tomorrow! 

September In Recap

In September I thought I'd try a "Photo A Day" challenge for the entire month.  Like most daily challenges, I failed.  I really tried to keep up but I ran out of steam.  I'm never going to do a 30 day photo challenge again and if you see me talking about it, STOP ME!  

Anyway here are some shots I was able to get in: 


And in case you missed it, here are some of my favorite posts from the month: 

- I started the month SO CONFUSED but this is where you community of blogger friends come in handy. :) 

- Some picks from my Autumn must haves.

- We saw Etsy change their front page, I'm one of the few that like it.

- Check out this super cute booth display!

Tomorrow begins the best month of the year and I can't wait! There is still time to sign up and let me promote your blog or business by taking out an ad for the month.



August In Recap

Thanks everyone the comments in my last post.  I'm not making any big decisions yet but the discussion has helped cleared up somethings for me.  

I can still share August In Instagram the first week of September right? Pretty emotional month. Some pretty intense and emotional jury duty, anniversary celebrating, and some nice unseasonably cool end of August weather.  

Do you see that hot dog? I got it at Soul Dog in Poughkeepsie, NY and I haven't stopped thinking about it.  I went there during my jury duty service, twice!  Their dogs even have the "snap" to them, it was sooooo delish!  I love food in case you haven't noticed. :)


My June in Recap

Happy Monday! First, thanks for the comments in my last post. I have felt better since posting it and has made letting go a little bit easier.

It's the last day of June and wanted to take a look back on the blog today.  While on paper June was a decent month, on a personal note it sucked balls.  It was an emotional roller coster that some days made me sick to my stomach. 

Thankfully I had a couple of mental escapes and some relief when our landlord agreed to let us stay another year in our apartment.  It also included Mike's birthday, fireworks, baseball, and wrestling.

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 11.29.22 AMNo more Instagram/Flickr posts because I'm hating Flickr at the moment and their setup.  I'll stick to postcards from Big Huge Labs instead.

What else happened?

-More soap love with Beyond The Picket Fence

-Pretty Felt Bags from LeFrac

-An update from my Storenvy shop

-Telling a story with your item listings

-Announcing the new Craftivity app coming soon!

-Last I did a mid-year audit of Pulp Sushi and was pleasantly suprised!

I'm ready to tackle the Summer and work my last day at Bazaar-on-Hudson (for now I hope...).  I want to put all the negative stuff and people behind me and look forward to better things.   Tomorrow is a new month and I'll have some news to share so see you tomorrow!

April In Instagram

My first FULL month home so I got to enjoy the coming of Spring just a little. I'm so thankful I'm not wasting 40 hours a week in an office and 15 hours on a train anymore.  There was still work drama on the Typepad front where I worked a couple of extra hours but I didn't mind because I love Typepad. :)   Ok enough of that, how about some pictures!

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 11.47.13 AM
 By the way, I gotta figure out another way to show off these pictures. I'm not too happy with Flickr lately and their lack of embedding options.

1. Something different. #jewelry #pulpsushi #handmade #etsy #necklace #hudsonvalley, 2. Keeping busy #pulpsushi #jewelrymaking #hudsonvalley #necklaces #handmade #comingsoon, 3. Going out! I haven't been outside for two days! #selfietuesday #hudsonvalley #newyork #glassesrule, 4. Getting back on the Yoga wagon. It's been FAR too long., 5. See? I sometimes can take care of my plants. #hudsonvalley #greenthumb #home #friday, 6. Beautiful day to visit Cold Spring. Stop by & say hi at Bazaar-on-Hudson @thelivingroomcs #hudsonvalley #newyork #craftfair, 7. Almost forgot to get a pic of my table! #bazaaronhudson #hudsonvalley #newyork #craftfair, 8. This guy!!! #Wrestlemania #WWE, 9. Loving my new hoodie from @mineisyoursapparel - thank you Megan! @MIYapparel #hudsonvalley #handmade, 10. My first attempt at Stuffed Shells with spinach and mushrooms. The messier the better!, 11. Chillin' at one of our favorite spots by the Intrepid #hellskitchen #newyork #nyc, 12. Dylan Egon #Chelsea #art #newyork #nyc, 13. One of the coolest nights EVER! Thank you @realalicecooper ❤️❤️❤️ #tribecafilmfestival #newyork #nyc #chelsea, 14. We're here! #movingimage #queens #astoria, 15. Back here again #CentralPark #newyork #nyc #Spring, 16. The sun is coming out & the flowers are blooming! #pulpsushi #Spring #jewelry #handmade, 17. From my walk today #Fishkill #hudsonvalley #Spring, 18. Seen on my walk today #fishkill #newyork #hudsonvalley #Spring #train #tracks #abandoned #friday, 19. Coming to Cold Spring this Sunday at @bazaaronhudson #pulpsushi #hudsonvalley #newyork #handmade #jewelry #accessories, 20. More #earrings coming too! This is why I had to leave my office job. #pulpsushi #jewelry #jewelrymaking #handmade #hudsonvalley #newyork

March In Instagram

I think Winter is finally over even though my apartment is still chilly. A lot of these pictures were taken during my last week of work. Some friends said they will miss my morning commute pictures but that's ok. I'll try to make up for it the next time I do go back to the city in a couple of weeks. I was also practicing my display for Bazaar-on-Hudson the other day (last pic). I wish I could always leave my necklaces out like this. :)

My creation

1. Prepping more flower hair pins for @tailoredmermaid in #Beacon - coming soon!! #hudsonvalley #handmade #pulpsushi #accessories #newyork, 2. Still frozen. And a dirty window. #metronorth #valencia #hudsonriver #hudsonvalley #coldspring #winter #snow, 3. A crisp chill walk to work this morning #hellskitchen #nyc #newyork #midtown, 4. True story: I've owned this scarf since junior high school. I got it at Alexander's!!! #newyork #nyc #metronorth #walden #friday #selfiefriday #hudsonvalley, 5. My first Bubble Tea experience - yum!! Thanks @tea_talk_pk #hudsonvalley #poughkeepsie #newyork, 6. This is how I plan my next #tattoo(s), on a napkin. And I can't draw. #hudsonvalley #sketch #ink #bodyart, 7. Well lookie here! The office just surprised me for my send-off a day early!, 8. Last morning! #beacon #newyork #hudsonvalley #metronorth #train #hudsonriver, 9. I will miss having the best coffee in NYC. Coffee cart guy located on the corner of 55th & 3rd Ave every morning. #nyc #midtown #newyork #coffee #java, 10. Goodbye tampon dispenser! I will miss your smiling face every day., 11. I will NOT miss you - see you in a couple of weeks. #newyork #nyc #metronorth #grandcentral #friday #midtown, 12. This Sunday in Cold Spring. Pick up a nice piece of jewelry for yourself or a gift! Bazaar-on-Hudson at @thelivingroomcs in #hudsonvalley #handmade #craftfair #shoplocal #necklaces