Watermark Images With PicMonkey

I don't watermark all of my images because I'm lazy, especially when it comes to product items. Sometimes I use them for images shared on Instagram. I've been a part of discussions on whether or not it's worth watermarking images. I don't think it's necessary for me because I am not selling digital downloads, photography, or stationery designs.

There's a reason why many card makers post a photo of their card in their shop over posting the image file, it's simple - people steal!!  

Watermarks can be ugly, invasive and take away from the image.  Today I wanted to share a quick tip of how to add a watermark to your image without it looking gawdy and without using Photoshop. My tool of choice is PicMonkey, I hardly even use Photoshop anymore except to edit product photos. 

First, visit www.pickmonkey.com and select to "Edit" an image you already have saved.  I'm using this image as an example: 

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.57.58 PMYou can add text to your image by selecting the Text option "Tt" in the left side menu.  You are presented with a number cool font options to use.  If you see a crown next to the font, that means you need to have a Royale Membership, otherwise, pick your font then click the "Add Text" button.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.01.50 PM
The font you select will move to the top of the list. That is how you know which font has been activated.  I choose "Playball".  Start typing in the "Type Your Text" box.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.15.50 PM
The Text box on the right allows you to change the color of the text and the size.  I am keeping the text color Black but increased the font size to 89 and centered the alignment.   You may need to click and drag one of the sides of the box to enlarge the space if you are increasing your text by a lot. 

I place my text where I want the watermark to appear. I am not a fan of putting the watermark right dab in the center of the image. When I do use a watermark, I like to place it on the top or bottom of the image but space it so if someone tries to crop it out, it will make the rest of the image look cut off. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.23.09 PM

Now it's time to soften the text. In the "Fade" option in the Text box menu, simply click the circle and drag it to the right.  I dragged it until the fade percent was 81%, don't want to fade it TOO much where you can't see it. Once I'm happy with the look, I save my image. 



See that's not so bad. Want to try  PicMonkey's crazy-awesome photo editing? They have a free trial you can check out so you can test out their "Royale" features too.  It's also great for putting together quick and pin-worthy graphics for your blog.  I've been using it for blog images, can't you tell? :)

How do you feel about watermarking your images? Do you do it? 

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Halloween Decorating With Graham and Brown


When I was contacted by the folks at Graham & Brown about featuring their wallpaper on my blog, my first thought was "I rent an apartment, I can't wallpaper my walls."  However Graham & Brown wallpaper is so practical, you don't need to use it to just cover your walls.  They have an example of how to use their wallpaper to decorate a table.  I can image they would make pretty cool table runners too. 

With Halloween coming, they have some pretty fabulous designs to play with: 

  • 31-227-main
  • 31-228-main
  • 50-509-main
  • 50-512-main
  • 19911-main

After viewing these, I got an idea for Halloween decoration. I got a sample roll of the skulls design.  It arrived really quick too from the UK.

I went to the local craft store and picked up some canvases.  This design is too awesome to not have hanging on your wall.  The skulls are textured so they're fun to touch.


All you need is a pair of scissors, a staple gun, and an X-acto knife.  I needed another set of hands too so Mike helped.  We stretched the wallpaper over the canvas nice and tight, then folded over the sides and edges.  We used the knife to trim off any excess. Then we got to stapling!



BAM! Instant art! I plan to make more with different size canvases but I just couldn't wait to show this one off.  I love how my Black Apple "Pirate Girl" looks next to the skulls, it pairs well together.  My friend Paige at Little Nostalgia recently shared some more fun ideas you can do with wallpaper.  

Graham & Brown are more than just spooky wallpaper.  Their US site has some great designs on sale right now and some gorgeous wall art too.   Thank you G&B for the roll and inspiration! 

Take a Peek! Sweet Paul Magazine Spring 2014 Issue

The highest the temperature will be today is 31 degrees but that doesn't mean Spring can't still be on your mind.  I just looked through the new Spring issue of Sweet Paul Magazine and it made me smile. Look at the pretties! 


You can view it online for free or pre-order a hard copy. There's so many things I want to try out!  Starting with some cross-stitch, it's been a long while since I broke out the hoop....


It could be the style, it could be the colors, but this made me think of Paige from Little Nostalgia.  Maybe I'll see her in SP one day!  :) 


And of course you can't have something SWEET without some CAKE! 


You can save yourself some time and just get a one-year subscription.  In two weeks they're hosting a creative retreat, The Makerie in NYC. I wish I could attend because it sounds unbelievable and it's just a few blocks from my parents apartment. Unfortuantely the price tag is a bit (ok a lot) out of my budget.

This is not a paid blog post or anything like that.  I was just super excited finding this in my inbox this morning that it would have just been WRONG of me to not share the goodness. You're welcome!

Review: Rustic Chic Wedding

Wedding season is almost upon us and understandably, those preparing to get married have a lot on their plate to plan, sometimes it's the small details that might get neglected. I received a copy of the new adorable book from Etsy power seller Morgann Hill of Braggingbags that can help with this dilema.



Morgann's latest creation is Rustic Chic Wedding: 55 Projects for Crafting Your Own Wedding Style, where she shares her wedding expertise at providing that special handmade touch to your big day.




A lot of these projects can be used at any party or even be included as part of your Craft Fair booth display.  

This book helps you to create vintage-inspired details that are beautiful and timeless. A great touch if you're style is Shabby Vintage Couture using rustic, recycled and repurposed items.




Your wedding doesn't have to have a Country Farm theme in order to add some special touches for your friends and family to enjoy on your day. Rustic Chic Wedding is a keeper for fun decorative projects and ideas. 

Upcycle! Six Fun-tastic Repurposing Ideas

I am so thrilled for today's guest post!  This is one of those gems of a guest contributions I talked about. I think you will love the ideas that Jennifer Lutz from Christmas Tree Market has to share today. Get your Pin It button ready!  Jennifer Lutz is the home décor expert at www.christmastreemarket.com. Jennifer loves writing about DIY and repurposing projects. She recently published this post about her home décor plans for 2014 here: Home Decor Projects for 2014.

A common question that most of us ask when cleaning out the house: what do I do with all the old stuff? With the way things naturally accumulate in our closets and garages, it seems easier to just throw out the things you no longer need. But, before discarding your old stuff, consider repurposing them first. When thinking up of new ways to use common household items, think outside the box, and add a little fun to your home decorating.

For new and functional ways to salvage your old household items, here are some ideas!

Upcycled Storage Solutions

We always have items to discard, but we also never run out of things to store or organize. Take a look at your old stuff and check if you have some of the items below for some instant storage solutions for your home:

Suitcase to Side Table/Chess Board

1959 Suitcase Upcycled

Here's a fun repurposing idea for used luggage that have been taking up space in the attic: turn them into a side table that doubles as a chess board! Choose a luggage with a flat surface then paint the surface to look like a chessboard. Once dry, add a stand or table legs to keep it upright. As for the chess pieces, keep them inside the luggage for safekeeping.

Vinyl Record to Fruit Bowl

DIY Vinyl Record Bowl

I know what you're thinking--why would anyone want to desecrate a vinyl record? However, vinyl records do get scratched and chipped--or worse, get wet--that throwing them away seems like the only option. Before dropping your damaged vinyl record into the waste basket, make a detour to the kitchen and turn your old vinyl into a fruit bowl instead.

Making your vinyl record into a fruit bowl is quick and easy; it only requires a couple of bowls (for shaping and baking) and an oven. In this quick tutorial from the Off Beat Bride, you only have to place your vinyl on an overturned bowl for shaping, bake it until it becomes flexible, and place the droopy vinyl inside another bowl to shape it as you like. Finally, let it cool for a minute or so before using. Easy, right?

Headboard to Shelf

New desk shelves

Making a shelf from your outdated headboards is a fun way to turn your castaways into something functional. A headboard shelf is perfect for your study desk or your kids' playroom for storing books, art supplies, and decorative items. For a comprehensive guide, try this headboard shelf tutorial from My Repurposed Life.

New Roles for Old Items

If you're feeling particularly creative, turn old items new again by giving them a new function in your home. Here are a few ideas:

Circuit Board into a Notebook

Birthday Presents

This is a great idea to bind your loose papers and recycle those inactive circuit boards your husband has lying around the house. All you need are a couple of circuit boards cut down to the same size, a drill (for making holes), and some metal hooks or cords for binding. You can also grab a metal wire spring to bind the pages of your notebook, as seen in this post from the Green Diary.

Globe into a Lamp

Salvaged vintage globe = new lamp shade!

A globe upcycled as a lamp is perfect for your study or library. If you have a globe that you no longer use, cut it in half, add a light bulb, wire it up, and add a stand. A simple iron stand will work, or, if you have more time, turn it into a globe pendant as seen in this post from Pattern of Life.

Metal Colander to Lamp

Strainer Lamp

If you have extra colanders in your kitchen cupboards, turn them into your kitchen's lighting fixtures! Just like with the globe, you can use your colanders as lamp shades or a pendant light. For this repurposing project, grab a rusty colander and paint it in a color you like. After tinkering with the wiring, attach it to a metal rod for pendant lighting. If you have plenty of visual space, you can make a colander chandelier using around five or more colanders -- an unusual and fun lighting option!

Repurposing and upcycling completely unrelated items together make for delightful decorating options for your home. Try out these repurposing ideas for your next DIY project at home!

Handmade for the Holidays - Snowed In Magazine 2013

I'm happy to share with you today the latest from Ashley from the pretty, pretty blog She Makes a Home.

Snowed In cover

A new online magazine you can check out for free to get some Holiday creative inspiration! I asked Ashley what made her come about creating her own holiday magazine....

Snowed In started in 2012 when I noticed that the holiday magazine I wanted to read did not exist. I wanted to see a magazine that features not just handmade gift guides and DIY projects, but also covers decorating; entertaining; recipes; and fashion and beauty for the holidays. This year's issue is even bigger and it's totally free. My goal is to promote small businesses; handmade shops; artists; and creative bloggers. Snowed In Magazine reaches an audience even wider than my blog, so this was the best way to realize my vision.


Don't forget to check out Ashley here: Blog / Etsy / Twitter 

Sweet Paul Pumpkin Swoon

What is October without pumpkins? Sweet Paul Magazine sent out in their latest email some pumpkin decorating ideas that is tricked, blinged, and super cool!  Click images for details.





I'm thinking these would be less messy than your traditional pumpkin carving, maybe with the exception of the Idyllic Pumpkin Scene.

Do you have pumpkins decorating around the house this time of year?

Macabre Home Decor For Halloween

Happy Monday everyone! Today is a guest post from Kristy from St Louis Folk Victorian sharing some fun ideas to decorate your home for Halloween.

Upon learning that we had a shared interest in all things spooky, I jumped at the chance to participate in Marilyn’s October Blog-Bash.

Hi, I'm Kristy from St Louis Folk Victorian, and if you visit my house on any given day, any given season, you will find little bits of spooky-goodness scattered throughout. It’s not over the top; but a little nod to the macabre.

No matter if you are decorating for a Halloween Celebration or just wanting to get in the spirit of the season, here’s some inspiration…from ME to YOU.

Kristy Daum 1

Kristy Daum 2
Want to make your own ghoulish displays? It’s relatively easy and you don’t have to wait until Halloween décor hits the shelves. With a little imagination you can find a few basic things right away and build your collection a little at a time. For starters, if you frequent Antique Malls, you can always find old-worn books, glass jars, porcelain vases, discarded ephemera, etc. All of which are the start of a great display. Add a styrofoam skull or creepy spider and you are well on your way.

Kristy Daum 3  Kristy Daum 4

If you are the DIY-type, the options are really endless.

  • Head to your nearest fabric store and pick out a spooky print to use for a pillow cover.
  • While you are there pick out some gauze and shred it with scissors; which you can then hang from a doorway or spread across a table.
  • Grab a can of black spray paint and paint an ugly porcelain vase or maybe a handful of them…the more the merrier. Anything black automatically conjures up thoughts of Halloween.

    As you can see, decorations don't have to have Happy Halloween covered in glitter, or be a motion-sensor thing that scares the bejeezus out of you. Sometimes all you need is that tiny little ghostly-touch of creepy to get you in the holiday spirit.

    Thanks for letting me play along and Happy Halloween!!!

The Sparkle Factory - Tarina Tarantino

When I was asked if I would be interested in receiving a review copy of Tarina Tarantino's new book, I was SO excited! I have admired Tarantino's work for a long time and is an inspiration to me when it comes to taking chances with mixing colors together and throwing a little kitsch into your work. LOVE HER! 

Photo The Sparkle Factory: The Design and Craft of Tarina's Fashion Jewelry and Accessories is a gem in itself!

Her book is very personable and I enjoyed reading about how she got started from fashion, doing make-up to creating jewelry and accessories which stems from her childhood.

Included in the book are 20 tutorials on how to make some of her signature pieces. The first one I did was her Jubilee Stretch Ring and now I'm kind of obsessed with making more.

Like Tarina's unique personal style, the book is so colorful and fun to flip through.



And it's not just jewelry, she shows you how to make some really adorable accessories like belt buckles, bedazzled eye wear, and cute little hats.


I love Tarina's story and her approach to finding fun little pieces to put together to create a mind-blowing piece to wear.  I definitely consider her a mentor as a business woman and designer.