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Shipping Rates Update At Pulp Sushi


I was in denial. Every time I heard about the cost of shipping going up January 17, 2016, I just covered my ears and said "Lalalalalalalalalalala!!!!" I was getting the emails from Etsy, who has done a good job making sure Sellers were on top of this, I just didn't want to deal. 

This morning I sucked it up and updated the shipping in my shop.  If you live in the United States, you won't see that much of a difference. If you live in Canada and elsewhere, it's gonna hurt. What hurts me the most is charging more for Canada.  For many years, Canada was just a few cents more than Domestic, now it's like they're on the other side of the world.  Why is it so expensive to ship to Canada now?!?!?!?  What have they done? What have WE done?!?!

I can imagine more people will be shopping "local" online just to save on shipping costs.  It's a bummer.  Many small business rely on International customers to keep their business going.   I'm really sorry that I have to do this, as I'm sure many sellers are but our hands are tied. 

All Charm Necklaces Marked Down - $16.00

Let's start the new year with some good news! I marked down all of my charm necklaces in my Etsy shop to $16.00!! This is not a sale, no coupon code needed!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.14.01 AM

Valentine's Day is just over a month away and a piece of jewelry always makes a nice gift.  Give your partner a poke in the arm and tell them a cute charm necklace would make a nice gift....and dinner, don't forget dinner.  So head on over to and pick up a new necklace today!


New Year, New Blog!


After having this blog for almost 10 years, it is time to start something new. How about a new blog?  I'm really happy to announce my new blog, Ink & Coffee

The Pulp Sushi blog is not closing, but will be updated with shop/business related news only, shop talk.  I&C will be my personal blog where anything goes, woohoo! 

So come on over to Ink & Coffee and say hello!