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Life Lately: I Suck At Running, But I'm Running

No shop, jewelry, or social media talk today. This month makes ONE YEAR since I went out for a walk one Monday morning and I started to jog!  I haven't talked about it lately but I'm still on this fitness kick going out just about every morning to go walking/jogging/running, I wish there was one word to describe what I do..."WaJoRu?" Sure why not? 


My cardio has gotten SO much better!  I was worried I might be pushing myself too hard but after a recent visit with my Cardiologist, my ticker is A-OK.  

I struggle and feel weird calling myself a "runner." I keep reading that even if you run a little, or run slow, you are a runner.  So I'm a runner, a sucky runner, but a runner, and that's pretty cool. I'm still getting acquainted with this title.  There is so much truth about the way you feel afterward.  Sure I'm sore and I ache a little, but I feel so kick-ass after I get 3 or 4 miles done that day.  I anticipate going out again the next morning and do better.

I give myself a hard time thinking I should be better after a year.  That's when I check myself with a reminder that 15 months ago, I never thought I'd be waking up early every morning just to go jogging.  I mean me + exercising just never quite meshed except for Yoga but even that stopped.

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Since I last wrote a fitness post, I made a few changes.  In addition to MapMyRun, I got the Nike+ app. I am not part of any local running clubs nor do I have anyone go to WaJoRu'ng with so I was able to get some "friends" through the Nike+ app.  It's a little extra motivation for me to not want to be the slowest of the bunch.   My confidence has improved greatly, despite calling myself a "sucky runner."

I will never go on a diet!!

My eating habits are okay, but they could be better. I really need to start keeping a food journal.  Weight Watchers, the three times I tried, never worked out. I'm bad at keeping track of things like that. I used to be so good at journaling when I was younger.  While I don't necessarily pig out, I looooove food, especially sweets. Sweet, sugary, goodness.  The thought of "giving up" anything just doesn't sit well with me, but I am gonna try to make better decisions on how much and how often I indulge, because I will indulge, believe that.   

I feel like my focus has shifted from blogging and making jewelry towards getting myself in shape. I think about it a lot now and may write about it more (you've been warned).  Why did it take me this long to take my physical well being seriously?? 

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