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June 2015 Mid-Year Audit

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How has June been for your so far? This has been a super busy month so far with a bunch of stuff going on offline, not Pulp Sushi related, I've spared you the details on.  But I still make time to check out my regular blog reads and share some that I really enjoyed reading and think you would like too.

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Beacon is just the next town over from where I live and where I took the train out of when I was commuting to the city. I feel really fortunate to live so close to such a hipsterific hot spot.  There are a lot of cool places to check out that's coming, and sometimes going, but I don't see the Beacon hype going away any time soon. If you visit New York but want a change of pace from NYC, take the Metro North up to Beacon and maybe I'll show you around!  In the meantime, here's a great guide from Design Sponge


What are you thoughts on competition? There sure is a lot of it out there.  Speaking from a jewelry stand point, ooooooh boy!  My friend Jess from Knot By Granma embraces competition, and you should too! 

This is such a great topic from The Nectar Collective and not talked about much.  We still get caught up with numbers sometimes.  My Twitter is pretty ridiculous where I'll get a few followers a day and the next day they're gone because I didn't follow them back right away.  Don't worry about WHY someone unfollows you, just focus on the people who stay!

Not quite a link but what do you guys think of Instagram's new look?  I'm glad they got rid of the mosaic headers and made the images larger. 

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