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Happy April Fool's Day! Don't worry, I have no tricks up my sleeve. Actually as I type this, I'm struggling a little bit because I smashed the shit out of my right ring finger yesterday which makes typing pretty awkward. Yeow! But I'm just being a big baby. Today I wanted to share some more great blog reads I've come across and wanted to share the love. Check them out!

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I feel like my blog has been under the radar and probably not worth talking about, but I've seen other blogs where comments are left by trolls and it's not nice.  Mandy writes a very honest post about being an "ex" hater.

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Can I turn notifications off on my phone? I feeling a pinch of anxiety just thinking about it.  Maybe I'll try it for just one day and see how that works out?  I recently started following Paul Jarvis, one of the co-hosts of the Invisible Office Hours podcast and I look forward to reading his articles and emails every week.

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Need a new mobile and/or desktop calendar for April? Megan Minns has a really pretty one you can download. I just learned about this blog through #ellechat & #blisschat on Twitter Thursday nights - which I have to miss this week which stinks but oh well.

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