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New Chainmaille Bracelets At Pulp Sushi Jewelry

This week was dedicated to callusing up my fingers, those poor babies. There was a lot of poking, pricking, pressing, scraping but I'm happy with the outcome. I added some new bracelets in the shop. I learned how to do the Half Persian chainmaille link!


 And once I got started, I couldn't stop....


I made more exclusively for the gallery opening later this month I wrote about. I need to ship those out to them ASAP.  I already have other colors in mind.  If there are any colors you would like to see or be interested in, let me know! 


This bracelet was a pain in my butt to make but I love showing off these Czech glass beads, it's such a great shade of green.  I pricked my fingers so many times with the wire but it was worth it. Plus I need to practice my wire wrapping some more. 

Have anything fun planned for this weekend? I hope to actually go out and do something FUN. It's supposed to warm up a little but I'll take anything over 30 degrees at this point.  Have a great weekend!

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