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From The Blog Society, as someone who is turning the big 4-0 this December, it's nice to be reminded that there are still bloggers out there close to my age. Where you at? I know you're out there! :) 

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I recently wrote about owning who I am and what I do as a business owner and designer.  Braid Creative talks about how it's not a matter of waiting for when you accomplish A, B, and C.  Things never go the way as expected so we just have dive in and go with the flow.

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Maybe it's time we re-evaluate just what we're trying to achieve, there's always a goal to achieve, it never ends and that's okay. Lisa from Elembee puts it in perspective nicely.

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I found Taylor & Elaine's story on Design*Sponge really fascinating.  A fantasy story of just packing up and go, letting your dream develop organically while still facing the realities of being broke and uncertain of what will happen next. It's a testament of how awesome social media can be sometimes. Plus I can totally relate with keeping a part-time job just to make sure the bills are paid.

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