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The one with hearts and super cute dogs

Anyone follow the Westminster Dog Show? A beagle won, her name is Miss P and she's super cute. The show was in NYC and over the weekend, I was in town to check out Meet The Breeds. It's a show you can attend and there are several booths set up for different dog breeds and you can ask questions and find out more about that breed. You can also pet the dogs, that's what drew me in. The location was horrible and very disorganized but then you got to see THESE FACES! ♥

There wasn't a Daschund booth which was disappointing because that's probably the dog Mike and I want to get the most. But you never know, I can go to the shelter (because we'll definitely adopt), and fall in love with another type of dog entirely.  There isn't a type of dog that I don't like.

And of course it was Valentine's Day and the most Valentine-y thing we did was eat this cake from Amy's Bread. Amy's Bread is probably my favorite bakery in NYC and I'm happy there is one in my parent's neighborhood in Hell's Kitchen. There's also one in the Chelsea Market and in the West Village.  Anyway, it was a red velvet cake and we just split it down the middle, it was soooo good.


Unfortunately it was super cold in the city this weekend so we couldn't be outside as much as we normally are which stinks but there's always the Spring. 

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