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Pulp Sushi Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Sure flowers and candy are great but that's not the way to my heart.  I wanted to put together some gift ideas that will win me over if I was still single.  This is by no means a hint for my boyfriend, we actually don't exchange presents on Valentine's Day but that's ok, he spoils me all year long. :)  If you are looking for jewelry, hello - check me out! :) 


1) I still can't say No to a cute pair of big, platform, wedge shoes from Modcloth.  These are special occasion shoes for when you want to feel extra cute.

2) While I have a dress that is already covered in hearts if you don't want to commit to the FULL Heart print ensemble, this Sweet Your Heart Out skirt also from Modcloth would do the trick.

3) I adore this "I Love You" Embroidery Hoop Art from Hudson Valley local Kitsch and Stitch.

4) It is no secret that I love me some handmade soap and I like to keep stock regularly so I never run out. So a nice gift set like this one from Right Soap won't tell me you think I stink but that you think I'm pretty neat. 

5) How adorable are these Pink and Red Heart Paper Straws? I wouldn't use them, I would just put them in a glass Mason jar and keep them out as a display in my kitchen.

6) Not very Valentine-y but you bring me a pink and gold pineapple from Hodi Home Decor and I'm going to be pretty stoked.

*This post contains affilate links.  If you click on a affiliate link and make a purchase, I may get a commission from that purchase.

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