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It's been a while since I've shared some favorite findings from the web but lately I've been reading some pretty good stuff! 


Updating your product photos is such a pain and something I've been dragging my feet on.  I'll do a couple here and there but yeah, I can feel Heidi's pain from Rowhouse 14 but her new images are sweet! 


This really hit home for me because I have a lot of internet friends.  Some of my internet friends go way back to the LiveJournal days of the late 90s and we're still in touch through Facebook.  Funny how that works out. I'm glad Kristen from Milo & Molly feels the same. :)


I've worried about this some times.  I think it's one of the reasons why I've scaled back how often I publish a post during the week.  I'm pretty comfortable with three posts a week and like keeping it business/life related and not have too much extra fluff.  I'm over the fluff, how about you?

Last but not least, Etsy Is Thriving Whether You Like It Or Not, at least that's what Julie Ann Art says.  Here is a different spin to all the negative attention Etsy has been getting lately.  Even with all my griping and hearing about it from others, there's still a reason why I keep my shop there and Julie Ann breaks it down perfectly.


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