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2014 Year In Review - Part 1

Happy Monday! Yay we're winding things down here and it's that time where I like to look back on the year and do my "Year In Review" posts. These are some of my favorite blog posts to put together so I bring to you my look back in 2014 (January through June).


 I started 2014 fresh by dumping my e-newsletter.  While the "experts" say you should have one, I hated it, I hated doing it, and realized it just wasn't for me.  Some people hate Twitter and don't use it, I hate managing a newsletter so bye-bye!


 It was in early February that I finally started planning my escape from office life and super long daily commutes. 


 My last day at work!!!


I started my monthly residency at Bazaar-on-Hudson which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately it was recently announced that the space is no longer there so the likelihood of this market coming back next year are very slim, it's too bad. It was a great space and location. 


I got to play "shop" Mother's Day weekend when I babysat The Tailored Mermaid while Sarah-Maria was away doing Art Star in Philadelphia. 


 I had a day to myself while staying in the city and walked around Chelsea for a couple of hours. It was therapeutic considering June was a pretty rough month

I'll share the second half of 2014 later this week!

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