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Is Your Blog Responsive?


I'm here with a PSA for all my blogging friends in case you haven't heard about this neat site. One of the perks of working for Typepad is I get to hear about cool little tools like  It can quickly show you if your website design is Responsive.

Responsive design provides easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling whether you're looking at a site on a phone, tablet, or desktop.  With my old blog layout, when I viewed my blog on my iPhone, it just appeared as a mini-version of my blog where I had to zoom in just to read the text.  Then I switched to one of Typepad's new Responsive themes because I wanted my blog to be easy to read on multiple devices.  

I'm much happier with how my blog functions now.  If you're wondering the same with your blog, give a try -  it takes seconds and no sign-up required. 


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