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Halloween Decorating With Graham and Brown


When I was contacted by the folks at Graham & Brown about featuring their wallpaper on my blog, my first thought was "I rent an apartment, I can't wallpaper my walls."  However Graham & Brown wallpaper is so practical, you don't need to use it to just cover your walls.  They have an example of how to use their wallpaper to decorate a table.  I can image they would make pretty cool table runners too. 

With Halloween coming, they have some pretty fabulous designs to play with: 

  • 31-227-main
  • 31-228-main
  • 50-509-main
  • 50-512-main
  • 19911-main

After viewing these, I got an idea for Halloween decoration. I got a sample roll of the skulls design.  It arrived really quick too from the UK.

I went to the local craft store and picked up some canvases.  This design is too awesome to not have hanging on your wall.  The skulls are textured so they're fun to touch.


All you need is a pair of scissors, a staple gun, and an X-acto knife.  I needed another set of hands too so Mike helped.  We stretched the wallpaper over the canvas nice and tight, then folded over the sides and edges.  We used the knife to trim off any excess. Then we got to stapling!



BAM! Instant art! I plan to make more with different size canvases but I just couldn't wait to show this one off.  I love how my Black Apple "Pirate Girl" looks next to the skulls, it pairs well together.  My friend Paige at Little Nostalgia recently shared some more fun ideas you can do with wallpaper.  

Graham & Brown are more than just spooky wallpaper.  Their US site has some great designs on sale right now and some gorgeous wall art too.   Thank you G&B for the roll and inspiration! 

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