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Pink Flowers and Chains

Time to share a couple more new necklaces I added to the Etsy shop.  I really like how longer necklaces look.  You don't have to worry about clasps, feeling weird if the chain is too short, and I just think longer necklaces make any kind of outfit look funkier (in a good way, not a smelly way).

Multi-Strand Chain Necklace by Pulp Sushi

  Long Pink Rose Necklace by Pulp Sushi

I still have my Storenvy shop but I had to take down the "" domain because there was something weird going on with my URL settings. It was totally my fault, not Storenvy.  I've fallen behind on updating the Storenvy shop so that is on my To Do list for this week.  I have yet to sell anything on Storenvy but people are "watching" and "enving" items, maybe one day it will lead to a sale.  

In the meantime, I've fallen back to my old habits of sharing Etsy links again when I update.  Maybe I should stop fighting it and embrace the Etsy Kool-Aid.

Do you guys get the Kool-Aid reference or am I showing my age?  Google "Jonestown Massacre" when you have a minute. I just learned that there's a rapper named Jim Jones so that won't work. =/

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