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Another NYC Visit

With my funky schedule, Mike and I can't really spend weekends in the city anymore so when he had a couple of days off at work, we made our way down again for a Wednesday through Saturday morning trip. We always try to visit the city in the Fall although it was unseasonably warm, damn! We still made the most of it.  Another trip to The Highline was in order. 


Thursday we walked down via Highline to 23rd Street to see the original Nightmare on Elm Street.  It was part of a weekly series hosted by NYC celebrity Hedda Lettuce - "Hedda at the Classics"!  She was SO freakin' funny! She talked during the movie and used her laser pointer to point out random ridiculousness.  I got to meet her afterward, I was pretty giddy

We did some more walking around earlier in the day in the Chelsea area and paid a visit to the Chelsea Market.  It's so much easier to walk through there on a weekday.  The weekends are killer!  They had some really fun Halloween decorations too.



New York has about 687,369,603,002 museums - ok maybe I exaggerate the number a little but there are A LOT of museums, big and small, super popular and some under the radar. I've heard about the The Museum of the City of New York but never checked it out before until this trip. It's small but a really cool space.

Being a super fan of "Mad Men", I really loved the exhibit Mac Conner: A New York Life. It showed the illustrations he did for advertising campaigns and women's magazines in the early 1960s.  The descriptions and stories behind many of the prints were really fascinating and telling.



My favorite thing about the museum? Their staircase.  It was a Black and White lovers dream with random NY related quotes all over the walls with images of vintage New York City. I want this in my home!  

The building was built in 1932 just for the museum and it still has it's pre-war structure and design, a gorgeous building.  It is located on "Museum Mile" just across the street from Central Park so a trip to the museum and a walk through the park afterward is a great way to spend the day.  

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