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Have You Seen...

This week I have some shares that are not just from my blog reads but also Tumblr and Instagram. I can't wait to enjoy some outdoor dining when the weather gets warmer which is what I think of with this first share...


One of the perks from my job is I get to discover new blogs to follow and connect with, not just on a professional level but as blog friends too and that's what happened with The Home Steady. This was one of the first blogs I worked with and now they can't get rid of me. :)  Check out this cool tutorial from them on how to dye wood placemats - great for the Summer!

MintiwallThis is actually a shop I came across on Instagram - Mintiwall String Art from Turkey.  Gorgeous images and work. You can check them out on Instagram @mintiwall.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 4.41.05 PMHere's another find this time from Tumblr - check out The Messes of Men for some gorgeous images. Actually they had a image pinned on Pinterest of white powdered doughnuts which made me drool. So now I'm a fan, and you should be too! Have a great weekend!

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