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Today we have a guest post from Naomi Shaw talking about a subject I'm excited about, working from home! Naomi is a writer who lives in Southern California. She has been in the home remodel and decor industry for quite a few years and enjoys sharing her tips. She now works from home since she has three kids and has used these tips to transition to her home office. Thank you so much Naomi!

Having the ability to work from home part of the time is something many people relish. For others the process can be somewhat difficult, especially if you have kids and pets running around your house at all hours of the day.

Even if you don’t spend a majority of your time working at home, having a space where you can get tasks done when you need to is beneficial for almost everyone. Use these tips to help you make a perfect workspace so you can easily transition from your office to your home office and not waste valuable time in the process.


Maintain Separation

Perhaps the most important part of preparing a home office space is finding the right location. You might feel somewhat limited right now, and chances are you aren’t willing to replace your master bedroom with a home office, but there are some important things to think about when picking a room for your office.

Ideally you want to be as far away from the noise and commotion of your home. Keep your office away from the family room, living room, kid’s room and kitchen whenever possible.

That might sound limiting, but if you have an upstairs bedroom that could be the perfect place. A converted attic or finished basement can also make an excellent space for a home office.

Personalize Your Space

When you’re in a hurry to get your home office together it can be easy to put a desk and file cabinet in your space and feel like you’re ready to get down to work. Unfortunately that really isn’t going to create the functional and inspiring workspace you’re looking for.


Take the time to put a bright coat of paint on the walls, add light fixtures that will help you work and hang art that you like. You don’t have to get too extravagant in your space, but doing a few small things to help personalize your home office can make getting down to business more enjoyable.

Calm, Relaxing Environment

Getting away from the stressful work environment and being able to work at home seems more relaxing. However, if you have children running around and home chores to take care of on top of work, you could be right back in that stressful boat you were once in. Find some ways to make your office as peaceful and stress free as possible.


There are a couple ways to make you feel at peace in your home office. Set aside some time every day to stretch and meditate, so make sure you have a yoga mat tucked away somewhere near. Another way to add some calming vibes would be the sound of running water, so add in a wall fountain or you can always play some music that has that sound as well. It is important to keep your office stress free so more work will be able to get done.

Make a Schedule

Working at home can feel like a break from your regular routine, but if you want to actually get things accomplished making a schedule is one of the best ideas you can implement. You don’t need to make a set hourly schedule necessarily, but making a quick to-do list of what you need to get accomplished and how long it should take you to accomplish it can make working at home more productive.

Some people who regularly work at home even use a timer for tasks to make sure they remain on pace. Figure out what’s right for you, but don’t spend an unnecessary amount of time on simple tasks just because you’re at home instead of the office.

Working from home can be a blessing and allow you to spend more time with your family and away from the stressful office environment. However, just because you have an empty room with a desk doesn’t mean you have a productive home office.

Use the tips above to make sure your office space is beneficial for you and not a time waster. You’ll be thankful you have it if you do the initial setup right.

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