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Take a Peek! Sweet Paul Magazine Spring 2014 Issue

The highest the temperature will be today is 31 degrees but that doesn't mean Spring can't still be on your mind.  I just looked through the new Spring issue of Sweet Paul Magazine and it made me smile. Look at the pretties! 


You can view it online for free or pre-order a hard copy. There's so many things I want to try out!  Starting with some cross-stitch, it's been a long while since I broke out the hoop....


It could be the style, it could be the colors, but this made me think of Paige from Little Nostalgia.  Maybe I'll see her in SP one day!  :) 


And of course you can't have something SWEET without some CAKE! 


You can save yourself some time and just get a one-year subscription.  In two weeks they're hosting a creative retreat, The Makerie in NYC. I wish I could attend because it sounds unbelievable and it's just a few blocks from my parents apartment. Unfortuantely the price tag is a bit (ok a lot) out of my budget.

This is not a paid blog post or anything like that.  I was just super excited finding this in my inbox this morning that it would have just been WRONG of me to not share the goodness. You're welcome!

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