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Shopping With Coupons

Woke up this morning to the find Key and Heart lock charm necklace is going to a new home....

And they used a coupon from a previous order so hooray for repeat customers! They make my day! =D

I have a lot of coupon codes out there, they are not hard to find (just look to your right) and I always include one with every order. I don't get too many sales that actually use them though.  Whenever I purchase something online, I always dig for a coupon first whether on Facebook, shop announcement, or blog because I'm a penny-pincher, I admit it.  Even when I had my newsletter, I always included one and nothing. Trying to figure out what *grabs* a customer is a constant challenge especially when you do jewelry because there's SO MUCH of it out there.

Do you get a lot of coupon use in your shop? 

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