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Review: Rustic Chic Wedding

Wedding season is almost upon us and understandably, those preparing to get married have a lot on their plate to plan, sometimes it's the small details that might get neglected. I received a copy of the new adorable book from Etsy power seller Morgann Hill of Braggingbags that can help with this dilema.



Morgann's latest creation is Rustic Chic Wedding: 55 Projects for Crafting Your Own Wedding Style, where she shares her wedding expertise at providing that special handmade touch to your big day.




A lot of these projects can be used at any party or even be included as part of your Craft Fair booth display.  

This book helps you to create vintage-inspired details that are beautiful and timeless. A great touch if you're style is Shabby Vintage Couture using rustic, recycled and repurposed items.




Your wedding doesn't have to have a Country Farm theme in order to add some special touches for your friends and family to enjoy on your day. Rustic Chic Wedding is a keeper for fun decorative projects and ideas. 

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