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I am so thrilled for today's guest post!  This is one of those gems of a guest contributions I talked about. I think you will love the ideas that Jennifer Lutz from Christmas Tree Market has to share today. Get your Pin It button ready!  Jennifer Lutz is the home décor expert at www.christmastreemarket.com. Jennifer loves writing about DIY and repurposing projects. She recently published this post about her home décor plans for 2014 here: Home Decor Projects for 2014.

A common question that most of us ask when cleaning out the house: what do I do with all the old stuff? With the way things naturally accumulate in our closets and garages, it seems easier to just throw out the things you no longer need. But, before discarding your old stuff, consider repurposing them first. When thinking up of new ways to use common household items, think outside the box, and add a little fun to your home decorating.

For new and functional ways to salvage your old household items, here are some ideas!

Upcycled Storage Solutions

We always have items to discard, but we also never run out of things to store or organize. Take a look at your old stuff and check if you have some of the items below for some instant storage solutions for your home:

Suitcase to Side Table/Chess Board

1959 Suitcase Upcycled

Here's a fun repurposing idea for used luggage that have been taking up space in the attic: turn them into a side table that doubles as a chess board! Choose a luggage with a flat surface then paint the surface to look like a chessboard. Once dry, add a stand or table legs to keep it upright. As for the chess pieces, keep them inside the luggage for safekeeping.

Vinyl Record to Fruit Bowl

DIY Vinyl Record Bowl

I know what you're thinking--why would anyone want to desecrate a vinyl record? However, vinyl records do get scratched and chipped--or worse, get wet--that throwing them away seems like the only option. Before dropping your damaged vinyl record into the waste basket, make a detour to the kitchen and turn your old vinyl into a fruit bowl instead.

Making your vinyl record into a fruit bowl is quick and easy; it only requires a couple of bowls (for shaping and baking) and an oven. In this quick tutorial from the Off Beat Bride, you only have to place your vinyl on an overturned bowl for shaping, bake it until it becomes flexible, and place the droopy vinyl inside another bowl to shape it as you like. Finally, let it cool for a minute or so before using. Easy, right?

Headboard to Shelf

New desk shelves

Making a shelf from your outdated headboards is a fun way to turn your castaways into something functional. A headboard shelf is perfect for your study desk or your kids' playroom for storing books, art supplies, and decorative items. For a comprehensive guide, try this headboard shelf tutorial from My Repurposed Life.

New Roles for Old Items

If you're feeling particularly creative, turn old items new again by giving them a new function in your home. Here are a few ideas:

Circuit Board into a Notebook

Birthday Presents

This is a great idea to bind your loose papers and recycle those inactive circuit boards your husband has lying around the house. All you need are a couple of circuit boards cut down to the same size, a drill (for making holes), and some metal hooks or cords for binding. You can also grab a metal wire spring to bind the pages of your notebook, as seen in this post from the Green Diary.

Globe into a Lamp

Salvaged vintage globe = new lamp shade!

A globe upcycled as a lamp is perfect for your study or library. If you have a globe that you no longer use, cut it in half, add a light bulb, wire it up, and add a stand. A simple iron stand will work, or, if you have more time, turn it into a globe pendant as seen in this post from Pattern of Life.

Metal Colander to Lamp

Strainer Lamp

If you have extra colanders in your kitchen cupboards, turn them into your kitchen's lighting fixtures! Just like with the globe, you can use your colanders as lamp shades or a pendant light. For this repurposing project, grab a rusty colander and paint it in a color you like. After tinkering with the wiring, attach it to a metal rod for pendant lighting. If you have plenty of visual space, you can make a colander chandelier using around five or more colanders -- an unusual and fun lighting option!

Repurposing and upcycling completely unrelated items together make for delightful decorating options for your home. Try out these repurposing ideas for your next DIY project at home!

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