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Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Etsy Shop

Even though I make jewelry, I like to wear stuff made by others and support them so I made a Pinterest board, Handmade Jewelry. As I'm going through some of the people I follow, I know some of them make jewelry and sell online. I click their profile and I don't see a board for their shop! Oh no!!! Why are they doing this?!?!

I love my Pinterest account more and more each day. This is a quick snapshot of my dashboard. I come here and I start to browse, which is what it think most people do. This is a missed opportunity if you are not including YOUR items on MY dashboard.  Even if I don't follow you, I may follow someone who does and they might pin something of yours that I may like.

I know you're worried about spamming and being annoying but believe me, you're not!  Sure I can easily visit your shop and pin an item directly but what if I don't know about your business? How am I suppose to find out about your wonderful work? I'm in Pinterest mode and I do not wish to leave the site just yet (anyone else get this way?) 

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 9.40.13 AM

If you have an Etsy shop, it's very easy to pin your item directly to your board without having to visit Pinterest.  Every time I list a new item, along with tweets and Facebook updates, I pin the item to my Jewelry board

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 9.40.56 AM

Give the description some hashtags so you pop up in searches and pin away!

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 9.41.47 AM


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