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Fluff Friday ♥ : Shades of MINT

This is a color that I absolutely love but don't know if I can get away with wearing. Perhaps a mint scarf or some kind of mint highlight but you'll never ever ever see me wearing a mint dress like the one listed below (or any pastel shade for that matter). I even think wearing a cardigan in this color is pushing it. But it's still oh so pretty on many things. Kudos to you if you can rock this color. Maybe I'll paint my nails this weekend? :)

This blog post is a test to see if I like the new way Pinterest embeds images on to blogs now. The short answer? No. I wish there was a way I could adjust the images to make them bigger. I understand the issue of people not giving credit to images and such but can we make the code a little more Blogger friendly??? I may need to approach my FF♥ posts differently.

On that note, it's Friday so I hope you all have a great weekend!

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