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NYC Weekend On A Budget - Fashion Institute Of Technology

I stayed in Manhattan this past weekend with Mike. We were kind of on a budget so I put an agenda together which was fairly safe on the wallet.  First up was a trip to a museum.  There are hundreds in NYC but many of them can be free like the Museum at FIT.  It's in the campus of Fashion Institute of Technology but open to the public.  They had a special exhibit on shoes! 


Shoos!!!! #nyc #newyork #fashion

It was pretty funky, some shoes more crazy than others. Those are the ones I was drawn to.  I was surprised not to see any Armadillo shoes in the exhibit. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside.

Exhibit at #Fashion Institute of Technology #newyork #nyc #dressed #March #clothes #mannequins

Right across campus was another exhibit showing off gowns made by Rosario Rizzo - an opera singer and FIT instructor who passed away.  The beading and embellishments in some of these gowns were stunning. His wife, Rose, was his muse and she just happened to have been there when we were.  A sweet lady who stopped to talk to everyone and would appear very emotional when she spoke about how much she loved her husband.  Mike asked her which of the gowns were her favorite and she said her wedding gown which wasn't displayed. I almost started crying!  She was absolutely adorable. Read more about their sweet story on FIT's blog.

Also on our cheap agenda, a visit to The Antique Garage on 25th Street. A two floor antique flea market. Fun for window browsing but I did score some fun vintage beads.

Antique Garage

And last a visit to the Chelsea Market where my only indulgence there was deliciousness from Amy's Bread but it is a fun building to walk through. I would prefer it a little less crowded.  So that's that!  If you plan on visiting New York City and want to avoid the tourist traps and junk, give me a shout and I'll recommend some fun places to go. :)   


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