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52 Lists - Week 7 - What Makes Me Feel Healthy #52lists2013

Feature Sponsor: Evon Von

Evon Von is a lifestyle blog with variety! She blogs about several topics that are near and dear to her heart. In addition to daily musings, Evon Von offers everything from fashion, cooking and recipes, to reviews and crafty projects to work on. One of the reasons why I enjoy offering features on my blogs is because I get to discover gems like this one. :) 

I'm passionate about food/cooking and photography. I say food and cooking because I have a 4 year old son. Its so important for him to grow up eating healthy and good food. Food is about so much more than just filling your body. cooking and eating can truly fill your soul (cheesy i know, lol!) My son often cooks with me so the process of making a meal not only teaches him how to cook, but he appreciates the work behind the meal and it brings us together even more. Sharing that experience builds memories for him that will hopefully impact him forever. 

Photography has always been a love of mine. I started with a Minolta and a darkroom in my parents basement at the age of 14. I love the memory a photo can create. When you take a photograph, you are able to capture an emotion, you tell a story without using words. I love to create memories in peoples lives. 

I've learned so much from blogging! I've learned self discipline, I've learned to plan and be better organized. I've learned the art of networking as well! Getting out there, connecting with people online as well as in person has reaped huge benefits. I've also learned to be brave. Removing the anonymity behind a computer screen and putting yourself out there takes courage. Realizing that even though not everyone will like the outfits you post, or the pictures you take, or the recipe you come up with; Sharing things that you like regardless and being proud of yourself takes courage.

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