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Get Crafty - Spider Crochet Pattern

My friend Jess, a fiber monster-making mama, from Knot By Gran'ma was kind enough to share a pattern on how to make a creepy crawly crochet spider. Finished spider size is about 4.5 inches in diameter (click all images to enlarge), isn't it cute? And when you're done checking this out, follow Jess on her blog & Twitter, she won't bite.

PictureJ (1024x681)

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Abbreviations For Pattern:

st(s) - stitch(es)
ch - chain
sl st - slip st
sc - single crochet - decreased single crochet
RS - right side
tog. - together
tn - turn

Hook Size D3/3.25 MM
Worsted Weight Yarn (the yarn pictured is Black Heather from Cascade 220 #4002)
Tapestry needle
9 mm creepy safety eyes or spooky embroidery thread or horrific beads

Gauge is not important for this project. You can also use smaller & finer or larger & bulkier yarns for a smaller/larger spider. Just make sure your stitches are tight so the stuffing doesn't show through.  This is worked in the round unless noted.

Special Stitches:
Decreased single crochet ( - insert hook through first st, yo, pull through st, insert hook through next st, yo, pull through st, yo, pull through loops on the hook. This can be done for 2 or more sts. Insert the hook through the number of sts called for in the pattern to decrease them to 1 st

Bottom Piece:
- ch 4, sl st 1st st to form a loop
- 8 sc into loop - 8 sc
- 2 sc each st - 16 sc/round
- sc each st around for 2 rounds
- *** (sl st next st, ch 12, tn, sc 2nd st from the hook, sc next 10 ch sts, sl st next st), repeat 7 times - 16 sl st, 8 legs/11 sc each

PictureA (1024x681)PictureB (1024x681)

- ch 1, tn, sc into last sl st made and first sl st from last row - 2 sc
- ch 1, tn, 2 sc into each st - 4 sc
- ch 1, tn, 3 sc into each st - 12 sc
- ch 1, tn, d,sc 1st 3 sts tog., ( next 3 sts tog.), repeat 3 times - 4 sc
- ch 1, tn, 1st 2 sts tog., last 2 sts tog. - 2 sc
- ch 1, tn, (sl st, ch 3, sl st) each st - 2 fangs
- fasten off

PictureC (1024x681)
Top Piece:

- ch 4, sl st 1st st to form a loop
- 8 sc into loop - 8 sc
- 2 sc each st - 16 sc/round
- 2 sc each st - 32 sc
- sc each st around for 3 rounds - 32 sc/round
- 1st 2 sts tog., ( next 2 sts tog.), repeat 14 more times
- 16 sc
- repeat bottom piece instructions from the ***

- Hold top piece over bottom piece. Make sure RS of top piece is facing up and RS of bottom piece is facing down. With the spider head facing away from you join in on the left bottom side of the fang with a sl st

PictureD (1024x681)
- Working through top and bottom pieces sl st 6 sts evenly down the side of the head
- Working through both top and bottom pieces (sl st into st before leg, 11 sl st up the side of the leg, 11 sl st down the side of the leg, sl st into st after leg), repeat 7 more times attaching the spider pieces together. Stuff the spider's body before you attach the last leg together

PictureE (1024x681)PictureF (1024x681)

- If using safety eyes, sewing beads, or embroidering eyes into the head do it before stitching the other side of the head closed.
- sl st 6 evenly up the side of the head
- fasten off
- using a tapestry needle st the fangs tog. using a whip st or other st of your choosing

PictureG (1024x681)

-weave in ends and block

PictureH (1024x681)PictureI (1024x681)


© Knot By Gran'ma - All rights reserved. Commercial use of this pattern is allowed with proper credit given to Knot By Gran'ma. Please do not post on other websites other than Pulp Sushi.

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