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Freaky Friday: Halloween Costumes!

One of my favorite things about Halloween of course are the costumes. I never cared for women using Halloween as an excuse to wear some slutty stripper fantasy outfit they purchased online because they're too scared to walk into a sex shop and their lives are lame and boring the other 364 days out of the year.....


Whoa, ok I digress. If you're costume is not scary, you still get props for being super creative.  Check out this cute Tooth Fairy Costume Tutorial from Julie Ann Art


Or you can just paint yourself into something awesome. How gorgeous is this makeup?


Or maybe wear no costume at all but still something that just screams Halloween,like this Candy Corn Skirt

I'd pair that with these shoes because it's just nutty and who doesn't love A Nightmare Before Christmas?

Source: via Laura on Pinterest


You may be wondering what I am dressing up as? Sadly I'm not, haven't dressed up for Halloween in a few years. I don't get invited to any parties so I just stay home and watch Halloween related programming on TV and throw myself a Halloween Pity Party with Mike. Actually, most of my friends either don't dress up or are too busy taking their kids Trick or Treatin' so that's that.  Are you dressing up?

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