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Blog: My September In Instagram

I ♥ Fluff Friday!

I couldn't be happier today for a couple of reasons, one - it's pay day, who can hate that? Two, it's the last Friday of September which seems to have been a sucky month for me.  With sleep issues, allergies attacking me, I'm trying so hard to just not fall into a pit of lethargy and blaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. 

So here's what I'm loving today and has lifted my spirits....


This beautiful Fall Wreath from Carosello

Susannah Bean's new cowls and scarves, her hair is pretty amazing too. I love her hair.

Thinking about a what a slice of this cake would taste like...

And this puppy.


If someone can drop him off at my doorstep, I would really appreciate it and would totally make my weekend, thanks!  Come back on Monday when my first month-long Blog party begins! Have a great weekend!

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