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Pulp Sushi - Call for Sponsors in September

Earlier this month I wrote about how I'm easing my way into paid advertisements with some free swaps available (August 1).    

When you take your blog seriously, you put a lot of thought and work into it.  When you work a full-time job Monday through Friday, blog upkeep can be a challenge.  I don't blog most weekends because that's the time I am doing the most work on it  preparing my posts for the upcoming week.  Pulp Sushi (the shop & blog) is my part-time second job which I dream of becoming my only gig.  So until then, I keep on truckin' and want to promote you

In addition to purchasing a Large or Small spot for one month, you can now also purchase 3 month packages at a discount rate - that's September, October & November - just in time to get the word out for your business to prepare for the holidays!

Click here for more details and to purchase an ad space for September!

There will still be small swap ads available on a limited basis.  Please email me at and I will send you a promo code once approved to use to "purchase" your ad space on Passionfruit Ads.

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