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Guest Post: Basics of Living Creatively & How To Keep Going

Today I'm over at Five Sixteenths sharing one of my favorite Spring/Summer activities.  Once you're done here, make sure you pay a visit over there! Thank you Moe for today's post! ~ Marilyn
Why hello there! I am Moe, the blogger behind Five Sixteenths.  I am a southern girl with a yank for a boyfriend & a hankering for Sweet Tea.  Five Sixteenths is where I blog about my adventures in life, my BFA, my focus on ceramics, ways to boost your blog, my art/design/handmade shop & my online yard sale.  Phew, that was a mouthful right?  I'm here today to share with you my journey back to being creative.  I hope to inspire you to get back to what makes you happy & to keep up with it!

Rewind about a year and you'll find me walking across the stage in a cap & gown accepting my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  I went to a small southern college where I majored in art.  Rewind about 5 years from then & you'll find a shy, nervous girl starting off a small southern college studying Math.  It wasn't until I met my best friend & current room mate that I took the plunge to change majors.  Rewind about 3 years before that & you'll find me staying at my aunt's house answering the question "If you could do anything, what would you do?"  I answered with "I'd like to own my own little shop where I sell things I make."
So if you've kept count, that makes 9 years ago that I said I'd like to be doing what I am doing now.  Took me 9 years to realize that it all starts with a dream.  Last year I had a rough time finding a job & had no time to make this blog or my art/crafts what I wanted them to be.  After a few months of struggling to get up on my feet, I found a perfect job that lets me be pretty creative & pays for my clay habit.  Now I am back to doing what I totally love: being creative.  More specifically: Making art.  If you want to read about my artist statement & see some of my work, feel free to check out my artist website.

Why am I saying all of this? Because if you've ever thought you should be doing something else or that you have the most fun doing the things you love & wish you had more time for is possible.  Here are 4 ways to get yourself inspired to do what you want to do:

Buy so many books on the topic your bookshelf starts to bow //  When I first thought that I wanted to pursue a creative business outside of my studies I stocked up on books that were helpful.  I still buy books & look for resources that will put me on track with what I need to do.  Buying these books will also keep your dream as a part of your everyday life.  You'll look at them on your book shelf & be inspired.  Also, when you're bored on the internet go ahead & do some research on the thing you are interested in.  Save great pages to your bookmarks & go through them every once in a while.

Start a blog as an inspiration to keep going  // A blog is a public platform to make your intentions known to the world as well as a place to keep record of what's going on while your on your adventure of seeing your dream become reality.  That's why I started to blog.  Keeping track of your goals, sharing what you know about the subject you are interested in, & joining like minded people is really the main focus I've run across on all blogs!  If you have an interest, share it with the world and inspire others.  You never know who you might meet or what your blog will become!

Save room for reflection //  Setting goals requires a lot of evaluation, re-evaluation, and reflection.  I've touched on goals before on Five Sixteenths, but let me share something with you: I am the worst at keeping goals.  I should say, I am the worst at keeping goals the same.  I set a goal & work to it...then I accomplish something else along the way & reevaluate the goal I set in the first place.  I live by the motto 'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.  Try again. Fail again. Fail better.'  Just keep on keeping on!  Working towards your goals is sometimes an organic process but if you have a dream, you need to keep working towards it.  Break it up in to chunks or sections and go through it that way.  Sometimes you'll weave your way to it in the end.

Just Do It  // Take the time right now to do what you want to do.  The only person telling you that you can't is YOU!  Now it isn't all buttercups and lolipops, you will have to work....but the pay off of knowing that you are on your way should keep you going.  Remember that every accomplishment is a milestone & don't get discouraged.  Rome wasn't built in a day & all that jazz.
I hope sharing with you these 4 things that I keep in mind while working on my creative life has helped or inspired you to work towards your dreams.  It's never too late!  Pop by Five Sixteenths & stay a while if you're picking up what I'm laying down.  Have a great weekend!

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