DIY Tutorials 12.8 - Christmas Edition
Beacon Holiday Craft Fair Recap

Pulp Sushi in Beacon, NY TOMORROW!

Tomorrow I will be at Holiday Craft Fair #2 for this month and it's gonna be a long day too.  I will be at the beautiful Howland Cultural Center with members of the Hudson Valley Etsy Team

UntitledCozy space, good thing I love my teammates! :) I actually have not touched my bag and suitcase from last Friday's show.  I made sure that when I packed up, I did it orderly and neatly so I didn't have to do the extra work later. Usually after a craft fair I just throw my items in the trays and sort them out later. I know, I'm a spazz.  Trying to get out of that habit.

If you happen to be in the area, it's also Second Saturday in Beacon where the stores and galleries are open later with new exhibits, wine, cheese, all that good stuff.  This Holiday Craft Fair will be right in the mix of all of that!

The Howland Cultural Center
477 Main Street
Beacon, NY

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