Yelp Giftacular Holiday Market this weekend!
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Happy Birthday To.....

AlyssaAlyssa Milano

Jake Gyllenhaal, and.......


They should be honored to share this special day with me.  This pic was taken of me this past weekend at Yelp's Giftacular - my hair was wet so I threw my hat on. The show was so much fun! For a show, it was so well organized, spaced out, friendly, I didn't have to crawl under my table in order to get out, had a blast!  Saturday was definitely the busier day but that's ok, Sunday gave me more time to chat it up with friends. I was loving having that grid wall to hang some necklaces and signs from (Thanks Kathy!), thinking about getting a panel. But it's good to finally exhale from the Holiday rush and just kick back for a week or two before I reopen everything again.

Oh yeah, birthday! Right!  I have no idea what is in store for me today, other than I have a dinner date tonight at one of my favorite restaurants. Can't wait!

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