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Beacon Holiday Craft Fair Recap

Wow! What a fun day Saturday turned out to be.  If I was at the Bust Craftacular instead, I would probably be a little stressed out and way tired.  I made the right decision. Although I did need an extra day to recuperate. 


Space was very limited for the vendors and this has to be my smallest display yet, but I think I made it work and it came out cute.  I wasn't as tired at the end of the day like I usually am because this time I made a conscious effort to SIT DOWN!  My nerves usually makes me jittery and I have to stand and "Be On!" for customers.  This time, I just sat back, did a little embroidery - still acknowledged everyone who came to my table of course, and yay! It worked! My back and legs weren't killing me at the end of the day.

It's so nice to spend the day at a craft fair when you are surrounded with friends. Just like last week at Bard College, one of the many benefits of being a part of a local Etsy Team.  Online teams are great, but sometimes it's nice to meet people and make new friends and do cool things like put together your own craft fair.

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