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Pulp Sushi Artist - Molly Shoelace

As Pulp Sushi continues to grow, I would like to be able to share the talent that has gone on this new journey with my new shop.   So let's have it, meet Molly Shoelace!




Her whimsical, colorful motifs are inspired by her notebook doodles, daydreams, visions of love, culinary adventures, and all the strange and wonderful things that happen around her each day.  Naturally she would be one of the first people I would reach out to about selling some of her work in my shop.  The above are just some of the items you will find from Molly at Pulp Sushi along with her Bird Wrist Pin Cushion

I first met Molly when we both joined The {NewNew} Etsy team back in 2008. Here's a picture of us selling at the first Holiday Handmade Cavalcade in NYC.

She has since moved to Los Angeles were MShoelace has really taken off.  Thank you Molly!

I am accepting items on consignment.  If you think your items might be a fit, please email at for more details, also read more about the shop wishlist here.

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