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New Items at Pulp Sushi

I survived the heatwave and made it out in one piece! This week is suppose to be a little bit better I hope. It's time to share the latest with everyone. Click the images to take you to Pulp Sushi dot com but you will also find these items listed on Etsy too.


Chrysanthemum Brooches

I made a new banner for the Etsy shop to tie it in with the new shop, I think it looks fun! :)


I need make up new widgets to also reflect the new image I'm working on. Lately I've been drawn to old carnival/circus imagery and that's why in the new shop I describe Pulp Sushi as a pop-nostalgic collective sideshow of handmade goods and accessories because that's the direction I'd really like to be headed.  And Pulp Sushi is such a crazy name, why not? :)

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