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Health and Business

I think I skipped a couple of weeks in posting about my weight-loss progress. Sorry about that.  Truth is since I launched the new shop, my brain has been scattered between upping my promotion for that, my day job, Etsy that I haven't been very good at tracking my points. It's exactly what I was afraid of and what happened the last two times I was on WW.   The good news is physically I am feeling better.  When I first started, my body did feel "heavier" and I just felt sluggish and slow.  I have not fallen into old eating habits and I feel like I am still making better decisions when I dine out.  I have not gained more any more weight and kept off the pounds I have lost.

On the business front, I have been trying to figure out how to get more people turned on to Pulp Sushi besides the standard Twitter & Facebook. I recently took out an ad on Facebook for the Pulp Sushi FB page.  I admit I don't like to participate in those "Fan me, I fan you" games because I only want to "like" pages on Facebook that I legitimately, you know, LIKE! And I would like people to like Pulp Sushi on Facebook for the same reason and want to keep posted.  Basically the ad appears on the right column of your wall and I *only* pay for the click if the person likes the page.  You can set up a budget to not go over and for how long you want the ad posted. I took out an ad on Friday and so far as of this morning have gained 20 new "fans" as a result, not too shabby.

Source: via Annalisa on Pinterest

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