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My Dream Job

Dealing with my daily commute especially this winter has made me think more about my Dream Job. My dream is to become my own boss and not have to rely on a 40+ hour office job to get by. I want to do more than just "get by", I want to LIVE! To wake up each morning and embracing the day instead of dragging myself along. I picture myself with my own cute little storefront selling quality handmade accessories and original art. I will glady accept the long hours that being my own boss entails.  Yeah, I've been thinking about this more during my long train ride down to Manhattan.

When I was laid off in 2008, I thought it was my opportunity to take a crack at it.  Unfortunately, the economy went kerplunk and my Etsy shop was not bringing in enough to support me solely. I had to find another full-time job which took a year longer than I would have liked. Fast-forward to 2010 and I'm working, sales didn't start picking up until November. So far 2011 is starting off better than this time last year but I can't quit my day job yet. It always comes down to Savings and some medical bills are still in the way.

Of course this can't happen over night. The thought of what to work on first overwhelms me. I've taken a couple of steps already like downloading the workbook Shop Makeover: Writing a Business Plan and following Tricia McKellar's blog, Wonder Thinking. Another step is taking this course...


I remember when this course first started and thought it was a great idea but I wasn't ready to commit. This is the third one they're offering and the testimonials I've read sound very promising. So I'm all signed up and I'll keep you updated on how this goes.  

Here's another great blog post to check out from Crafting an MBA: Four Things You Should do Before Turning Your Passion into Your Full Time Job, happy planning!

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