Do you love Mad Men? Are you sad to see it all come to an end this season? I do love me some Don Draper. As my loving tribute, I wanted to dedicate a post to the JEWELRY of Mad Men. I consider mid-century style and personal design inspiration for Pulp Sushi jewelry so I hope you enjoy what I've put together today. Pearls! Lots and lots of pearls. Big pearls, small pearls, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings. Still very popular... Read more

I have a Kindle Fire HD 7 which I got a couple of years ago on a whim when Amazon was offering a ridiculous Cyber Monday sale. I didn't know if I was going to get into ebooks since I love reading books so much but it won me over. It's especially comfy to read when I'm laying in bed, which seems to be when I do most of my reading - at the end of the day before I... Read more

Out of all the super hot social media platforms, Instagram continues to grow and has beat out Facebook and Twitter in popularity amongst the young folk. I love it! I didn't know what I was doing with it at first but it's now something I look at several times a day. Today I wanted to show off some of my favorite Instagram accounts, not to say I don't enjoy them all, otherwise I wouldn't follow them. Before I do that,... Read more

This fashion "trend" has been going on for a few years now and I don't think it's going to go away any time soon. I'm talking about Ugly Christmas Sweaters. In the beginning, I was amused, then it got too big and I thought it was getting lame, but I've embraced it and will probably end up with one next year. But I can't just have any tacky-ass sweater, it's still gotta have a darker undertone to it. Click image... Read more

When I was selling at Bard College the other week, another vendor I checked out was Lizzy Bird. Lizzy Bird creator, Elizabeth Bryant, makes pure beeswax candles, and botanical bath & body products made with fine, simple organics and wildcrafted ingredients. I should have included this shop in my Hudson Valley Gift Guide last month as they're based in Red Hook, NY. I was attracted to her super cute molds and bright colors which included honeybees, pinecones, Buddhas (not included... Read more

It's so nice to have some pretty flowers to look at while you work. I use to buy flowers for myself more when I was working in the city. There is a flower stand in Grand Central that always had pretty flowers you can just grab and go while getting to your train. Those days are over, but when I was contacted by about checking out their service, I thought "Sweet!!!" I picked their Dawn bouquet because something about... Read more

I'm here with a PSA for all my blogging friends in case you haven't heard about this neat site. One of the perks of working for Typepad is I get to hear about cool little tools like It can quickly show you if your website design is Responsive. Responsive design provides easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling whether you're looking at a site on a phone, tablet, or desktop. With my old blog layout,... Read more

Today is the first of my Holiday Gift Guide series and I'm so excited to share! The first collection of gift ideas are for the HOME. I just love shopping for home gifts don't you? *meep* Yes this item made me *meep*. I have six blankets located at random places in my apartment waiting to be used, because I'm always cold and need a blanket nearby like Linus from The Peanuts. This Milky White Cable Knit blanket from Idea To... Read more

Old dolls, you either love them or are creeped out by them. I fall into both categories. I have a collection of Living Dead Dolls but nothing vintage. I will admit that recently those "Annabelle" movie commercials freak me out! However my "creeping out" didn't keep me away from this cool exhibit going on at Galaxie 13 in Beacon, NY. The "Creepy Doll Series" includes oil paintings by local artist Lisa Scheffer. You've been warned. Oh wow you've made it... Read more

Ah if only more people chose to stay home, there would be less jerks out on the road. Instead I'm the shut in, sorta. I wanted to show off my new t-shirt from the Stay Home Club - don't look at my face, I look doofy but I was feeling too lazy to put on makeup and Instagram filters to make my face "Blogger Friendly". Anyway, it's about the shirt right??! Check it out, I even got a membership card... Read more