Life Lately: I Suck At Running, But I'm Running

No shop, jewelry, or social media talk today. This month makes ONE YEAR since I went out for a walk one Monday morning and I started to jog!  I haven't talked about it lately but I'm still on this fitness kick going out just about every morning to go walking/jogging/running, I wish there was one word to describe what I do..."WaJoRu?" Sure why not? 


My cardio has gotten SO much better!  I was worried I might be pushing myself too hard but after a recent visit with my Cardiologist, my ticker is A-OK.  

I struggle and feel weird calling myself a "runner." I keep reading that even if you run a little, or run slow, you are a runner.  So I'm a runner, a sucky runner, but a runner, and that's pretty cool. I'm still getting acquainted with this title.  There is so much truth about the way you feel afterward.  Sure I'm sore and I ache a little, but I feel so kick-ass after I get 3 or 4 miles done that day.  I anticipate going out again the next morning and do better.

I give myself a hard time thinking I should be better after a year.  That's when I check myself with a reminder that 15 months ago, I never thought I'd be waking up early every morning just to go jogging.  I mean me + exercising just never quite meshed except for Yoga but even that stopped.

image from

Since I last wrote a fitness post, I made a few changes.  In addition to MapMyRun, I got the Nike+ app. I am not part of any local running clubs nor do I have anyone go to WaJoRu'ng with so I was able to get some "friends" through the Nike+ app.  It's a little extra motivation for me to not want to be the slowest of the bunch.   My confidence has improved greatly, despite calling myself a "sucky runner."

I will never go on a diet!!

My eating habits are okay, but they could be better. I really need to start keeping a food journal.  Weight Watchers, the three times I tried, never worked out. I'm bad at keeping track of things like that. I used to be so good at journaling when I was younger.  While I don't necessarily pig out, I looooove food, especially sweets. Sweet, sugary, goodness.  The thought of "giving up" anything just doesn't sit well with me, but I am gonna try to make better decisions on how much and how often I indulge, because I will indulge, believe that.   

I feel like my focus has shifted from blogging and making jewelry towards getting myself in shape. I think about it a lot now and may write about it more (you've been warned).  Why did it take me this long to take my physical well being seriously?? 

Holiday Craft Fair in Beacon, NY


How dope is this flier??? That's right, I said DOPE!  This is the flier for this year's Holiday Craft Fair hosted by the Hudson Valley Etsy Team.  It is one of my favorite shows to do even though I'm heavily involved in the planning, it's still a lot of fun!  

Have you ever tried to plan a craft fair?  It's a lot of freakin' work!   We are back at The Howland Cultural Center once again, such a cool place! Here's a shot from last year early in the day.  It got pretty busy and I anticipate being even busier this year!

image from pulpsushi.typepad.comWe had such a great response of applicants, it was hard to turn anyone away.  I'm really excited about the show this year.  And I love Beacon! Every year I think "We're out-growing this space!" but there is something magical about the atmosphere that the Howland provides that we just can't turn away from.

In addition to this show, I will be going back to Bard College once again (my 4th year!) the Friday after Thanksgiving - not Black Friday.   Are you getting ready for any holiday markets this year? Are you freaking out or super excited about them? 

Happy Halloween - Spooky Links For Your Weekend!

I wanted to make sure I was able to wish all of you a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Since it's Friday, it is also a good time to leave you with some links to check out in honor of the best holiday of the year!

From - Guest Post: Fashion With Halloween Flavors
From - Guest Post: Macabre Home Decor For Halloween

From Little Nostalgia - Modern Halloween Party
From Hugs Are Fun - Super Easy Handmade Costumes
From Makers-on-Hudson - The Pumpkin Song
From Moon and Roses - Five Halloween Short Videos
From Design*Sponge - DIY Halloween Hanging Paper Lanterns

Thoughts On Etsy "Shop Updates" Feature

I understand Etsy continues to work on new ways sellers can market and promote their Etsy shops, their latest attempt is releasing the new Shop Updates feature which you can only do from the "Sell On Etsy" app. "This is stupid!!!!" I bitched in a Facebook group right after this was announced.  A few of us were confused as to how this was supposed to work.


I don't need another app on my phone to promote my listings, I already do that either automatically via IFTTT or I just go through Instagram and Twitter, why should I go through Etsy? I only use the app when I have a transaction, I don't shop with Etsy app. What the whaaaa? I'm so confused.  And then I took a step back and did some testing.

You can tag your image with one (only one) item from your Etsy shop.  This seems pointless to use on something like Instagram because Instagram does not allow linking in their description, meh.   And sharing an update on Twitter only links back to the update itself, not the item listing, it doesn't even share the image: 

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.17.22 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.19.46 AM

Why would I want someone to click one extra link to view my listing?  This is not for your typical shop update sharing.  I don't think I will be doing that either.   I prefer the setup I have with Instagram that has the image show in my tweet if I want to share a photo of a shop update.

What I do find pretty cool is in your Etsy shop, there is now a "Shop Updates" link in the sidebar: 

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.51.03 AM

You don't have to share your image on any of your social accounts, you can just keep it in your Etsy shop and it appears on your "Shop update" page.  This is a good place to show, in your shop, things you are working on, inspirational images, "behind the scenes" fun stuff. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.55.28 AM

In addition to the "About" page, this is another way shop owners can share more about themselves and their process of producing their items, which is pretty neat. I will try this out and see if it makes a difference.  

Have you checked out the Shop Updates feature yet? What do you think?

Pulp Sushi Does Halloween

In previous years, I would dedicate the entire month of October to Halloween by posting Horror /Autumn/Halloween related content on my blog. I didn't do that this year since I'm scaling back my blogging.  Instead, I took my love for October over to Instagram and doing #pulpsushihalloween.  It's been a lot of fun coming up with descriptions and tying it back to my business or jewelry in general.   

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.48.51 AM

I'm showcasing some older items from the Etsy shop to get some fresh eyes on them and mixing that up with images from some horror classics and put my quirky Pulp Sushi humor behind them.  

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.13.50 PM

Doing this has allowed me to use some hashtags I wouldn't normally use and its allowed new folks to discover my shop!  You can follow along @pulpsushi.

Are you doing anything to tie Halloween in to promoting your blog or business this year? 

Pulp Sushi At Moses Lake Museum and Art Center

Today I am really excited to announce that my items are now available at the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center in Moses Lake, WA.  My first museum!!


History + Art. The Moses Lake Museum & Art Center, Moses Lake's cultural nucleus, located in the Moses Lake Civic Center. The museum is home to the Adam East Collection of Native American artifacts, local historical exhibits, a fine art gallery, museum store and a giant Columbian Mammoth metal sculpture. Admission is free.


These images are lovely! What a nice looking space. If you're in that neck of the woods, check it out! You have nothing to lose right? I mean it's "Free Admission!"   You can also follow them on Facebook.

Social Media Coffee Buzz: Before You Start, Plan Ahead!

If you're going to dive in to Social Media, you better have some kind of plan. I didn't have a plan and I have learned from that mistake.  Do you make a list before you go grocery shopping? Or go on a vacation without a guide or map?  The point is, there are things we do which is better if we plan for it ahead of time.  


Your Username

I had enough sense to use the same username "pulpsushi" for all of my accounts.  I can barely keep track of my passwords let alone different user names. It makes designing my business card pretty easy:  


At first, my Instagram was just random pictures I took in order to make them look artsy. Eventually I started sharing items from my shop when they were new.  My Instagram was a "catch all" of my interest, hobbies, silly pictures, personal stuff, shop images and promotional graphics, it was all over the place. 

Back in January, I talked about stepping up my Instagram game.  This was when I realized that my overall Instagram page plays a big role in my "Pulp Sushi" image.  I can still celebrate things that inspires me but you will not see too many personal images. I also stick to the same filters now too so my images have a cohesive look, which lately has been kind of dark.  So think about how you want your Instagram to appear when someone checks you out for the first time.

When I started Facebook, I just had a profile, there were no pages, and status updates were just dumb, trivial things like "Having a nice, big cup of coffee to start the day." Like really, who cares??   Then there's the hesitation of sharing my Etsy updates - should I bother my friends and family with this?  I still hear folks ask this.  Pages are made specifically to promote your business and hang out with your customer base.  I do most of my shop and blog promoting on my Facebook page but will occasionally share on my personal profile. 

Websites have almost become secondary. When I hear about a new restaurant in the area and I look them up online, the search results will most likely show me a link to their Facebook or Twitter page before an actual website link. Some businesses don't even bother with an official websites anymore and just use Facebook as their main page.

Here is a great Social Media plan you can stick to from Handmade Success.

Some questions for you to think about: 
- What are your goals in signing up for Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, etc.?
- How often are you online? 
- Who is your audience? 
- Are you in introvert or extrovert?
- Do you like to take pictures? 
- Do you like to write? 
- Do you have a smart phone? 
- What is your daily/weekly schedule like? 
There is no right answer for any of these questions but it's a good place to start if you are unsure how or where to begin.

Happy National Coffee Day - A Love Letter


Yeah buddy!  While every day is a National "Something" Day, please believe I keep track of the "coffee" day!  

Dear Coffee,

You know I can't quit you Baby!  I may go through days where I drink less of you because it's messing up my sleep, but I always come back.

Tea is nice.....but it's not you.  Drinking a chai tea still does not feel like a warm hug assuring me "You're gonna have a good day."  Only you can do that, plus you go well with CAKE!

I love you Coffee, today and every day. 



It's Coffee O'Clock

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - FALL!

All of the time I mention how Fall is my favorite time of the year.  Winter is ok if you're bundled up and the snow is fresh (before it turns to slush) but Fall - Autumn, that's the best time of year.  There are many reasons to love this time of year, but I wanted to share why I love this season so much. 



Enough said. I am very fortunate to live in part of the country that still has SEASONS and I get to enjoy seeing the colors change in the trees.   Here's a photo I took a few years ago when I lived in Tarrytown, NY. Don't you just love that red?



Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte
Image from Live Simply


I'm seeing some Pumpkin Spice hate this year and I say "Poo!" to that! I think Dunkin Donuts makes a better Pumpkin Spice Latte than Starbucks.  I love most Pumpkin Spice flavor anything.   If you want to make your own, Live Simply has a great recipe to make your Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte.


Sure you can wear boots all year long but I'm not that type.  I can't wear boots when the weather is warm.  Modcloth has a nice collection of boots to check out.  If you have big calves like me, then it's a relief to see that ankle boots are big this Fall like these cute Salt Lake City Slicker Boots





I know Football season has started but I love Baseball. I am a Yankees fan but I also like the Mets and right now is a good time to be a fan of New York Baseball!  I love watching night games in September/October.  Post season baseball is the best!

The MLB has very long seasons but things really get exciting in September when we find out who is going to the post-season, playoffs, World Series.  As I write this, the Mets are first in their division, Yankees are second shooting for a Wild Card spot so it's still, guess. 


image from

Halloween is my favorite holiday, it always has been.  The decorations, the costumes, the movies - yes please!  The above image was taken at Chelsea Market last year, they do such a great job with their decorations for any holiday but Halloween is definitely the best.

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