I understand Etsy continues to work on new ways sellers can market and promote their Etsy shops, their latest attempt is releasing the new Shop Updates feature which you can only do from the "Sell On Etsy" app. "This is stupid!!!!" I bitched in a Facebook group right after this was announced. A few of us were confused as to how this was supposed to work. I don't need another app on my phone to promote my listings, I already... Read more →

In previous years, I would dedicate the entire month of October to Halloween by posting Horror /Autumn/Halloween related content on my blog. I didn't do that this year since I'm scaling back my blogging. Instead, I took my love for October over to Instagram and doing #pulpsushihalloween. It's been a lot of fun coming up with descriptions and tying it back to my business or jewelry in general. I'm showcasing some older items from the Etsy shop to get some... Read more →

Building your Social Media following does not happen overnight. While businesses use Social Media to promote their products or the launch of a promotion, it has also become more than just that. I must admit, it is easier for me to connect to people online than in person. It's like that many people. That is just the world we live in now. Get your brand message out there and grab people quickly! With a quick skim through a Twitter or... Read more →

Today I am really excited to announce that my items are now available at the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center in Moses Lake, WA. My first museum!! History + Art. The Moses Lake Museum & Art Center, Moses Lake's cultural nucleus, located in the Moses Lake Civic Center. The museum is home to the Adam East Collection of Native American artifacts, local historical exhibits, a fine art gallery, museum store and a giant Columbian Mammoth metal sculpture. Admission is... Read more →

You can't fit a square peg in a circle and you can't work a Social Media platform if it does not jive with your personality. Not everyone is a Tweeter, Pinner, or Instagrammer. If you force yourself and not enjoying it, then it's not for you and you won't get the results you want. Or you're like me and find you enjoying different types of social accounts. I took an interest in photography in Junior High School. I was never... Read more →

If you're going to dive in to Social Media, you better have some kind of plan. I didn't have a plan and I have learned from that mistake. Do you make a list before you go grocery shopping? Or go on a vacation without a guide or map? The point is, there are things we do which is better if we plan for it ahead of time. Your Username I had enough sense to use the same username "pulpsushi" for... Read more →

Yeah buddy! While every day is a National "Something" Day, please believe I keep track of the "coffee" day! Dear Coffee, You know I can't quit you Baby! I may go through days where I drink less of you because it's messing up my sleep, but I always come back. Tea is nice.....but it's not you. Drinking a chai tea still does not feel like a warm hug assuring me "You're gonna have a good day." Only you can do... Read more →

All of the time I mention how Fall is my favorite time of the year. Winter is ok if you're bundled up and the snow is fresh (before it turns to slush) but Fall - Autumn, that's the best time of year. There are many reasons to love this time of year, but I wanted to share why I love this season so much. THE COLORS! Enough said. I am very fortunate to live in part of the country that... Read more →

Last week I announced that I would be starting a new blog series about Social Media, boom! I really wanted to find a way to incorporate the word "Coffee" into this series. I start my day with my walk and when I get back, I check all my social accounts while drinking my coffee - spending the most time on Twitter. I love to talk about things over coffee, don't you? Social Media is great even with all of the... Read more →