As I mentioned recently, my Kindle and I have been getting close through all my e-library borrowing and e-book downloading. Today I wanted to share with you an e-book I recently read that I think lots of my blog buddies and fellow small businesses can benefit from. Are you familiar with If not, then you should be! I absolutely love reading her blog. Her role in my life (and yours, you just don't know it yet), is to help... Read more

NOTE: I have a new layout! If you're viewing this in a reader, visit to see the new look! It was a year ago this month that I said goodbye to my long, grueling commute and quit my full-time job. The year went by fast! I can't say the transition has been easy but I welcome not having to commute anymore, especially after the winter we've had with this much snow. The downside has been that I'm making way... Read more

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. Attention, wedding belles and gorgeous guests -- you're cordially invited to explore ModCloth's exquisite wedding collection! Fall in love with dreamy dresses and outfit finishers perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and attendees eager to express their unique perspective on style. And don't forget -- we want to see the fab ModCloth look you put together! Use #marriedinmodcloth to share your inspiring... Read more

The chainmaille saga continues! I've been going through my latest stash of jump rings and mixing it up a little with some beads. You can click the images to view the Storenvy listings but they are also available in my Etsy shop. The color combinations I've been putting together lately have actually be inspired by comic book characters. This particular bracelet is Spiderman or Superman-ish. The Green and Purple bracelet I shared last week was totally the Green Goblin. I... Read more

I have a Kindle Fire HD 7 which I got a couple of years ago on a whim when Amazon was offering a ridiculous Cyber Monday sale. I didn't know if I was going to get into ebooks since I love reading books so much but it won me over. It's especially comfy to read when I'm laying in bed, which seems to be when I do most of my reading - at the end of the day before I... Read more

From The Blog Society, as someone who is turning the big 4-0 this December, it's nice to be reminded that there are still bloggers out there close to my age. Where you at? I know you're out there! :) I recently wrote about owning who I am and what I do as a business owner and designer. Braid Creative talks about how it's not a matter of waiting for when you accomplish A, B, and C. Things never go the... Read more

This week was dedicated to callusing up my fingers, those poor babies. There was a lot of poking, pricking, pressing, scraping but I'm happy with the outcome. I added some new bracelets in the shop. I learned how to do the Half Persian chainmaille link! And once I got started, I couldn't stop.... I made more exclusively for the gallery opening later this month I wrote about. I need to ship those out to them ASAP. I already have other... Read more

I have tried and tried to get into drinking tea with no luck. Even when I'm sick and my throat is soar, I would make some tea and it would just taste like dirty hot water. What's the big deal with tea?!?!? I watched a show recently on The Cooking Channel about Caffeine (woohoo). Then they got to talking about tea. I've known about the health benefits of drinking tea, yadda yadda yadda, but it was still just hot dirty... Read more

Woohoo! I recently had two Storenvy sales in one week! Ok one of them was from someone I knew but that still counts! It broke my non-selling dry spell so I'm pretty happy about that. It's giving me hope that I can totally make my Storenvy shop work if I just apply myself. So yeah, February > January. I've been focusing my attention on Storenvy again after all the negative attention Etsy has been getting recently because of Third Bird... Read more

I know! I know! It was just over a year ago I "retired" my email newsletter because I stopped caring. The thought of putting a newsletter together every month with not much to say made me cringe, so I dumped it. I had a change of heart after reading Maker's Dozen: 12 Alternatives To Selling Handmade Goods Online and I dusted off the old Mailchimp account. Here's why: - Facebook kind of sucks for business pages unless you want to... Read more