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Pulp Sushi on Etsy Front Page

There are some Etsy sellers I know who are FP a lot, it's almost not that big of a deal anymore when it happens to them. I do a happy dance because it's SO rare! I think I can count on one hand the number of times that has happened to me.   Did you miss it? It was for  this necklace , top row too, woohoo!


I think it was up for less than hour but within that time my shop received 220 views and the item got 464 with 144 being added to favorites.  Not too shabby.  Although I will never understand why certain treasuries get selected for Front Page while others don't.


I mentioned on Twitter yesterday that my day job has been pretty hectic the last couple of weeks. At night I go home and I don't even go on the computer.  This past weekend I didn't work on any blog posts which sucks because the weekends are when I do my blog work.  My brain just couldn't manifest anything so I just left it alone.  I'm not having a block per se, just needed to give my brain a break.  I have an obligation to my awesome sponsors (have you checked them out yet?!?!?) so I'm not taking a break from the blog just yet (I'm kind of saving it for the end of August to be honest).   So yeah, my brain is experience some kind of Brain Food Coma, please stand by! :)

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