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I really enjoyed doing this homework assignment for my Blog Boss e-course with Holly Becker. My assignment was to do a "case study" on eight blogs (two of them by classmates) and explain why I like them. I follow *a lot* of blogs and I promise you it was NOT easy trying to narrow this list down to eight.  So here are some blogs that I follow - some for a long time, some more recent.  And here's why I think they rock.

Julie Ann Art
Julie Ann makes really smart and witty hand-drawn greeting cards. I have given and received her cards so I'm definitely a fan of her work and her humor. Her blog gives you an inside look of her journey of becoming her own boss just six months ago.  She's great at connecting with readers and bringing them inside her world.  I also noticed during this assignment that she has an Etsy Mini in the footer of her blog, genius! 

Miss Indie Designs
How adorable is Mandy? I absolutely love her sense of style and quirky taste. Her blog actually reminds me of a magazine for fresh, young, creative girls. She shares outfit posts, DIY Tutorials, updates from her cute shop, and other fun organization tips.  Upon visiting her page, everything just hits you at once but that's the fun with her blog.  There's a lot of content but it doesn't feel cluttered or messy.

Bubby & Bean
Melissa is a fashion and card designer.  I like how her blog is mapped out with all the Topics + Features on the right, it tells you that this blog is more than just about her clothing and card line. It shows that she's interested in travel, home decor, yummy food, and more.  I think the diversity in subject matter on her blog is what keeps me coming back.  Plus she has some of the coolest giveaways!

One Sheepish Girl
This is a blog I've been sponsoring since last year and will continue to. Meredith is an amazing crocheter who shares lots of projects and tutorials.  What I love about her blog is her banner and the photography of her projects. Every once in a while she'll share personal posts like what she's loving on Etsy or a visit to an Art Walk.  Overall it has such an inviting feel to it.

Moorea Seal
Moorea is a multi-talented good soul who uses her blog to share her inner thoughts and feelings about life and the things it may throw at her.  I don't know her personally but I feel like I do with her style of writing. I love that she started The 52 Lists Project and encouraging others to stop and think about aspects our lives differently.

The Charley Girl
I started following this blog recently and it's the type of Lifestyle blog I enjoy. I was actually drawn to Charley's picture and mini bio on the main page. She includes eye-catching photos with every post to tie in the subject matter.  She keeps her texts on the shorter side which I can appreciate because she gets her throught out there straight away with some awesome pictures to look at.  What's not to love?

And now for my two classmates...

This is a classy and gorgeous looking blog.  It's a nice mix of lifestyle, fashion, and interior design. It doesn't look like she updates too often (looks like once a month) but when she does it's quality writing and images that have me engaged.  I added this blog to my Bloglovin' feed.

Little White Space
Shut up, I love the look of this blog! Where do I start with Tam's blog? I love how her menu bar is set up, her style of writing is really fun, her categories page is pure eye-candy, and even her social media icons at the end of the every post don't look intrusive. In this basic black and white layout, her choice in photographs just make the colors pop even more.  ♥love♥

I am learning SO MUCH from this class. I'll be sharing a recap once it's finished at the end of the month. What's great about taking classes like this is you get to connect with SO many other great bloggers outside of your little blog circle.  I hope you'll check out everyone I listed!


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