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New This Week: Glamour Skulls Bracelets

If you are familiar with my Etsy shop at all, skulls have occassionally made an appearance.  Skulls are my friends. I love me some skulls.  Skulls are back in the shop!  I knew wanted to make bracelets with these as soon as I found them. It just took me a while to actually MAKE them.  So here they are!

I have skulls in more colors to work on but I ran out of stretch jewelry string (ACK!) but I promise I will hammer more out of them soon.  I wore one to work the other day just to try it out.

Testing out a piece before it goes in the shop #pulpsushi #jewelry #handmade #bracelets #green #skulls

So fun! Great for Halloween but if you're super-cool, they're great for ANY time of the year.

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