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It's Friday, I'm In Love...

Total fluff post today because it's the end of the week, no one wants to really work, it's a long holiday weekend, I'm feeling lazy, so let's look at some eye candy I've been admiring via Pinterest (follow me @ pulpsushi)




Even though I don't sew, I would find a neat purpose for this basket.


A Chai Cake you say??? A yummy late Autumn treat



Don't tell me you're spooked! This makeup is absolutely gorgeous!



An idea so common sense and awesome at the same time, it's a wonder why I haven't thought of this (or seen this) sooner!

Meet LOTS: Feature Sponsor

Meet Rachael from LOTS, she shares her experience of being a transplant from the UK living the US (Michigan).  It's interesting to see how our culture is observed by a person from another country. Check her out, she's a sweetie! 

LOTS is a mish mash lifestyle blog - one capturing the life of an English girl who moved to the US for love. I've always called it a mish mash because I hope it reflects my varied personality and tastes. Predominantly I blog around the things we get up to here in Detroit, the varying differences between life here in the US to my homeland with the odd recipe, crafty DIY and review thrown in for good measure.

I'm passionate about vintage goodies, picking through estate sales, photography, crafting, collecting vintage powder compacts and increasingly getting more passionate about reconfiguring peoples expectations and assumptions of Detroit.

Through blogging I've learnt a lot about myself as a person and how determined I've become in seeing things through. The blogging community really became my strength and strong bone through the stresses of emigrating and really held me up when real life friends just tended to turn their back on me. Moreso i'm coming to see that blogging should be about what you want it to be about, to bend the rules, to not follow the pack and write for yourself.

Twitter // Facebook // Blog

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Book Review: Handmade Fabric Flowers

Today I have a guest post from Moe at Five Sixteenths, she's been here before. :)  I've been getting a little backlogged with the book reviews so she's kindly helping me out. I"ll be sharing some news about Moe next week, until then take it away Moe!

Hey there, it's Moe again from Five Sixteenths & I want to share with you a lovely book on handmade flowers!  When Marilyn popped this book in the mail to me, I expected to get just another little craft book.  But when I opened the package & saw the front cover I knew I was in for a treat.

I have another whole set of friends who are planning weddings & after helping two friends with flowers and hair pieces this book gives me more inspiration!  Being artsy in a group of friends means I get to try out a whole load of things I've never done before.  Using premade flowers in the last few weddings, it will be awesome to see if any friends are interested in some flowers from scratch!

Handmade Fabric Flowers, authored by You-Zhen Lu, is filled with beautiful pictures and excellent instructions.  The first part of the book gives lovely images of the handmade fabric flowers in different color combinations, a little bit about the flower, & an insight into the supplies to make it.  It reminds me of a crafty, botanical encyclopedia!
The second part of the book gives you insight into tools that I didn't even know existed.  You'll need simple tools, like a hot glue gun & more advanced tools, like a flower iron to shape the petals.  This tool is essential to the creation of these flowers. It helps you shape & form the flowers around different heads & the options seem limitless!
After a bit of an introduction to flower making, you jump right into the simple instructions on making each of the 32 flowers mentioned in the front of the book.  With simple worded instructions supplemented by diagrams & photographs, its like you have the talented You-Zhen Lu there with you assembling these, works of art!
As I thumbed through the book I filled my notebook with flowers to present to friends, color combinations, & ideas.  Heck, even if they choose to go another route I'll show up with a lovely hair clip made by me!
This book is great for someone who is looking for a new hobby & can take the novice flower maker on a journey into creating beautiful shaped petals.

Thanks Marilyn for sending this over I can't wait to see what I'll be able to whip up!

New This Week on Etsy - Pulp Sushi

Added a couple of things to the shop today. I got Buddhas, flowers and bugs! =)  This is my second scarab necklace, I love those little things.  Slowly trying to stock the shop for the holiday season. I like to have a lot on hand.

I mentioned last week that I was taking off this week.  Actually, just taking off from my full-time job.  Unfortunately I'm not going anywhere, another staycation for me.  Today I am home alone and just catching up with other things I would rather work on than sit in a cubicle all day. Like brew my own coffee and save some money...

You mean you don't put lipstick on when you drink coffee? #self-portrait #glasses #retro #coffee #newyork

Yeah I totally put lipstick on just to take this picture - don't judge me.  

Meet Grits & Moxie : Featured Sponsor

It's not often I come across a blog where I feel like I can really relate to the person.  I enjoy the blogs I follow but I'm usually older that most of them and I'm not a parent so I can't share in the mom-related stuff.  When I discovered Grits & Moxie I thought "Woohoo! I can be friends with her!!!" - and now we are. :)  She has great taste in eyewear too. Meet Jennifer!

Hi!  I'm Jennifer...just a simply complex tattooed lady who is finding my way in the world of books and blogging and a fiscally challenged but creative life in Athens, GA.   My musician husband and our rescue animals - 4 dogs, 3 cats and 2 fish - are also along for the ride.  Join us, won't you?

I'm passionate about basic, civil and animal rights, and about movements that promote community and posivity.  I'm also passionate about a good cuppa tea, photography, reading, camping and wine!  :)

Blogging has done so much for me as a person.  It has motivated me to try new things - in photography, in fashion, in writing - and brought me a group of people who encourage/delight every single day...

Follow Jennifer & her blog here: Blog // Facebook // Twitter

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A Day Of Anniversaries!

Last year, I wrote a post about August 25th and all the craziness that goes along with this date.  Relationship anniversary, heart-surgery anniversary, and a death anniversary.  Pretty crazy huh?

My boyfriend and I have been happily un-married for eleven years now. I don't have any secrets to being in a successful relationship, it's actually not easy at all. It is a daily uphill battle, that's the reality to making a relationship work. It's not ever going to be perfect, you're not going to agree all the time, and you're NOT going to  change the other to cater to you.  Once you make the conscious decision that this is how they are, take it or leave it, then you can enjoy each other more. 

Mike and I "get" each other and that means more than where we differ. We don't even have nicknames for each other.  Sometimes I call him "Honey", he just calls me "Marilyn" ha ha!  You won't find many pictures of us together here, I don't think I've ever posted a clear picture of him.  But I will share one of my favorite pictures of him.

Two years ago I had surgery to fix the Aortic Aneuyrism I had.  Earlier this month one of the local papers had an article, it's a quick yet very informative read. 

A Corona man’s death gives brothers new lease on life; doctors hope story will raise aortic aneurysm awareness

The doctor in the article is the same one who did my operation, same procedure.  The story of the three brothers really struck a cord with me. It's still a surreal event that I can't believe actually happened until I look in the mirror and see the scar on my chest.  I tell people all the time to get their heart checked even if they don't feel anything, and I'm telling you the same - do it! Just to be sure. Have a great weekend! :)

Feeling The ♥ Today

Today is an extra special Friday because I'll be off from my day job all of next week. I'll still be around doing Pulp Sushi business but I don't have to worry about my crazy commute and being at work. Hooray for some R&R! Mike is taking a few days off too, can't wait!  He tweeted me this picture the other day, I melted.


Yesterday I was simply floored when the folks at posted this quick video on Twitter pairing a Pulp Sushi necklace with one of their Love Frames (my favorite brand!)

And last I wanted to share this great treasury I was lucky to be included in. 'Fall in natural' by Marywool


Ivory Silk Faille and Gold Pergament Taffeta Flowergirl Dress with bolero, vintage by Sashcouture - SashCouture1
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Caramel Pearl Multi-Strand Necklace - pulpsushi
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Treasury tool by StylishHome.

I'll be back tomorrow with a special, rare Saturday post. :)

Review: Photo Guide To Felting & Felted Feather Friends

Today I'm bringing you two book reviews on a similiar subject: Felting!


I learned about Needle Felting a couple of years ago and it's pretty fun. I don't do it too often.  I've needle felt beads and charms for jewelry pieces.   It's more than just tabbing felt with a needle.  There are many different technqiues to use when working with felt. The Complete Photo Guide to Felting by Ruth Lane covers that.


The Complete Photo Guide is an overall instructional on felting, from getting the wool, washing it, dying, shaping it, stabbing it, the works.  It teaches the process of Wet Felting, Nuno Felting and Needle Felting.  The reading is a bit involved so once you get past the intro chapters, it's ok to skip around a little. You can easily be overwhelmed if you approach this book from start to finish, it is A LOT of information to take in.

Felted Feathered Friends by Laurie Sharp (photography by husband Kevin Sharp) is for when you are little more familiar with felt and ready to do some poking and sculpting to end up with some pretty birds you can incorporate in to your decor, a hat, a brooch, art piece, whatever your heart desires.   You learn how to create twenty different birds.


Here's a little birdie that I made, almost looks like an alien bird.


Both books are straight forward, very visual and thorough with their instructions.  The new things you can create are limitless! 

Meet Billie Jean ♥ : Featured Sponsor

I started reading Crystal's blog Billie Jean not too long ago and I absolutely enjoy it. A great balance of lifestyle, fashion, and nostalgia. Crystal describes her blog as being about life as a wife, mother & entrepreneur. Sharing moments of her life with her daughter - Tory, husband -Joey & tidbits of their home. "I love vintage dresses, my antique family heirlooms & shoes. I do also love making jewelry & I have a shop on Etsy, Billie Jean Jewels."  Let's learn some more about Crystal....

What am I passionate about: Some of the things that I am passionate about are my daughter, fashion, vintage/antique collecting & watching American Pickers on the History channel. After graduating college a year ago, I had to transition into a new chapter of my life as a post graduate.  Not only was I having to make that transition but I was also getting ready to have a baby at 24 years old. My whole life changed in 2011 when I got married, had my daughter & graduated from college. Those are the events that inspired my blog & are what changed my life forever. They also motivated me to start my jewelry business out of my home so I could be both a career woman & a Mama. 

What have I gained from blogging: I have gained quite a lot of new friendships from blogging which are ones that I cherish & admire deeply. Blogging has also taught me & challenged me to connect with people on a personal level, basically over a computer. Never thought that I could gain so many friendships just from having a blog. Blogging has also taught me a lot about business. I have gained a lot of knowledge & experience building professional relationships, networking & building my brand, Billie Jean. Blogging is something that i consider more than just a hobby. It is a job, one that I love!

Thank you so much Crystal for sharing your story!  If you wanna keep tabs with her blog & shop, you can follow her at TwitterEtsy, & Blog

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More New Items @ Pulp Sushi

The skull braclets weren't the only things added to the Etsy shop this past weekend. I snuck in a couple of other items that may be your thing if you're not into the spooky stuff.   Click on images for details.


You can never go wrong with flowers and lockets. :)

Also wanted to post another reminder that there's still room for advertising in September.  My ads are through Passionfruit and you can purchase a small or large space any time of the month - not just the end or beginning.  Visit the sponsor page for details.  You already met one of my feature sponsors last week, you will meet a couple more this week. :)