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Simple Crocheting - Book Review

I have a love/hate thing going on with my crochet hooks.  The desire to make cute little squares and scarves and blankets are there but I struggle trying to get my hands to do what they're suppose to do.  It's not the same as knitting folks, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Fortunately there are books like Erika Knight's Simple Crocheting: A Complete How-to-Crochet Workshop with 20 Projects from St Martin's Press to help me on my journey, I'm not giving up! 

Erika Knight is a renowned knitwear designer who brings her unique style and interpretation to her craft. The projects in this book are simple yet sophisticated that could serve as the starting point to a new craft.  Her goal with this book is to simplify and communicate her passion for crochet with accessible yet enticing projects good for beginners through master levels.  

With the help of beautiful photography by Yuki Sugiura and easy to understand diagrams, Simple Crocheting shares a mix of stitches that can produce a variety of finishes suitable for making items - from sturdy handbags to delicate lace shawls.  Simple Crocheting is not just a book of how-to's, Erika shares design principles like building a color palette and other unique design secrets.  I'm happy to include this in my growing craft library.

Etsy Team Talk ♥

I don't nearly talk enough about the Etsy teams I belong to, which are a couple but the one most near & dear to my heart is the Hudson Valley Etsy Team, it's probably because it's the only team where I can see people in person and do stuff with person.  

It's been a while since I've shared any treasuries here.  My bunny necklace was included in this pretty HV treasury.  I hope you'll check it out. 

I recently set up a new Twitter account for them @HVNYteam if you'd like to follow. I do love being on Twitter. Speaking of which, I posted yesterday on the teams blog a straight-forward cliffnotes on using Twitter for your Etsy shop.  Take a look if you're a little timid on using Twitter for your business (without being too spammy).

I highly recommend joining a local Etsy team if there is one near you. Even if you're a little shy like I am, you'll be surprised with yourself and how much you can get out of it.

How Often Does A Customer Make You Cry?

No offense to any of my customers - but it's not often I get a message from someone who has received one of my items as a gift and tells me about how happy they are, let alone bring me to tears.   Meet Mary, isn't she adorable? 

There's an interesting story behind the necklace she's wearing. About a year ago (on June 27th to be exact!) I posted this necklace on Etsy and in less than ten minutes it sold!  It was the first time I sold anything so quickly. Her boyfriend was at the right place and the right time and snatched it up.  He told me that it was a gift and asked if I could include a sweet little note (which I did) and shipped it directly to her.  Of course I shortly forgot about it until a year later.

I recently joined the Better Blogger Network (and you should too) and who do I get a message from but this sweet lady who got the necklace!  She said she loves wearing it and how she "love to encourage more people to enjoy your creations." Then came the waterworks, my boyfriend was wondering just why the heck was I sitting on the couch looking at my phone crying. Sorry I'm an emotional gal and Mary's message really touched me when I needed it the most. Thank you Mary!  This doesn't happen to me often so I wanted to share it.

Mary is a nail polish addict and her blog shares that love for collecting nail polish at Lacquer.Lit.Love - maybe the folks at OPI should give her an endorsement. 

Etsy Anniversary Sale!


This week will mark SIX years since I first opened my Etsy shop!  My have things changed with Pulp Sushi and Etsy over the last few years.  I've come a ways since making customized notebooks and marble magnets.  

To celebrate, it's time for a sale! From now until July 1st, get 36% off your Etsy purchase - six years, six times six, I know it's a strange number but enjoy it! 

Use coupon code HAPPYSIX at checkout to receive your discount.

Thank you for supporting the shop and the blog all these years, even if you never purchased anything from me, the kind words and support is always appreciated and I'm super grateful for it all.

Blog Giveaway : $50 from Shabby Apple

Happy First Day Of Summer!  Why not celebrate with a giveaway? The lovelies at Shabby Apple would like to give one of you a chance to win $50 towards a purchase on their site. This is great because you get to pick out anything you want!  If I could enter, I would pick between these two dresses

Giveaway ends June 30th and the winner will be annouced Tuesday July 3rd. Contest is open to US residents only. Contestants must have a USA shipping address to be eligible for entry.

How To Win

**Required:  "Like" Shabby Apple on Facebook and leave a comment here letting me know you did so (don't forget to leave a valid email address!).

Extra Entries
*Leave a comment here sharing which Shabby Apple dress or item is your favorite 

*Follow this blog on Twitter (@pulpsushi) and leave a comment

*Tweet the giveaway: Win a $50 gift card from @shabbyapple by visiting @pulpsushi blog, giveaway ends 6/30: 

Right now, you can get 10% off your purchase from Shabby Apple when you use code "pulpsushi10off" which is valid until July 20th.

Craft Wars?!?! Are You For Real TLC???

One night I was watching Deadliest Catch (yes I'm a fan) and during a commercial break I flipped the channel one-up and it was TLC, they were showing What Not To Wear but I didn't notice because I was too distracted by the little promotion they had at the corner of the screen "Craft Wars! New series"


I don't know why but I got super annoyed right away.  Is this what I think it's going to be? Sure enough...

Oh yeah, that's Tori Spelling, I guess she's the host or something. I don't know. I don't care. I don't plan on watching.  Must EVERYTHING be a competition?  I use to love watching TLC but it's been going downhill for a few years and I hardly watch it anymore.

I don't know why this bothers me so much, I mean there are cooking competition shows that I love watching, why am I getting so defensive here?  Maybe because it goes along with the frustration I have with the ever expanding jewelry section in Michaels (which I do not purchase supplies from anymore).  I have no problem with more people taking an interest in DIY, it's great!  I'm just afraid this show is gonna bring out the ugly in people. 

PS: I still ♥ Michaels and I continue to go there for craft supplies, just not anything jewelry related.

♥ Happy Birthday Mike! ♥

Last year I wrote a post for my boyfriend's birthday sharing a Pinterest board I put together in his honor. Today is his actual birthday and I gave myself the day off! Woohoo! Actually he took off today too. "No one should work on their birthday!" is what he always says.  So today I bring you the once a year blog post dedicated to my boyfriend - the GI Joe fan and Black & White Cookie Lover.


Source: via Marilyn on Pinterest





Walk to the light!

Check out the rest of the Boyfriend Board. Happy Birthday Mike! (yes that's really him).

Blog: Rare Outfit Post #3 (I think??)

I think this is my third outfit post - I don't really keep track but I liked this outfit I wore the other day to work. Also I wanted to tie it in with Rachele's Proud Of My Size link-up at The Nearsighted Owl where all sizes are celebrated, from 0 to 32 - I wanted to get in on the fun, all size 12-14 (13??) of me but I'm putting a different spin on it. I may even break some of the rules here (sorry Rachele! xoxo!).

June 2012

Dress & leggings: Target
Glasses: Coastal
Shoes & Belt: H&M
Jewelry: Pulp Sushi

I can't narrow it down to one size because women's clothes are so darn tricky - I've complained about women sizing before. Stupid numbers! I have been a 12 for many years.  I gained weight after I had my heart surgery and I've been wanting to lose the extra pounds. I'm honest when I say that I'm not 100% happy with my current weight. Weight is an issue for me because I have to think about my heart.   See this is where I differ from many other bloggers who will proudly proclaim that they love their body just they way it is, I'm not one of them but kudos to those who are! :) I'm continuing to work on getting myself to that point too.  I just want to go back down to my pre-op weight which some doctors still consider "obese" but whatever, screw them!  I was never thin and I will never be thin and I'm totally happy with that.

I'm not on a diet, I am just changing the way I eat and trying to be healthy.  I read labels on everything and if I can't identify most of the ingredients, I wont' eat/drink it.  I may treat myself once in a while because I do love me some desserts, especially from Amy's Bread.  I physically feel gross after I eat certain foods.  I can't just eat whatever I want, whenever I want anymore.  I recently gave up drinking soda - ironically it was right after I tried that Pepsi Next *bleech!* it was so disgusting, it didn't make me feel healthy at all.  I try my best to look awesome no matter what size I am and that makes me proud.

Rachele has a good thing going at her link up, I hope you'll click this button and check out the other posts shared. Happy Friday!