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Birthstone for June: PEARL!

Is it terrible that I feel guilty about promoting my own items on my blog if they're not brand spanking new? I gotta get over it!  Just wanted to share my Pearl items in the Etsy shop as it's the birthstone for June. You can see all of my Pearl items by clicking here.

I'm trying something new with Etsy's Search Ads to see if they can get found. There are so many Pearl items on Etsy, it's easy to get buried and not be found. I hope this will make a difference.  I'm not sure I will do the entire month, I'll take it one week at a time.  Instead of applying the search to all of my items, I'm only applying it to my Pearl items.   I'll keep you posted if it's paid off or not. 

Penny Farthing Necklace

Caramel Multistrand Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

Tea Green Pearl Coat Earrings

Vanilla Latte Pearl Coat Earrings

Sister Harmony

Leaf With Caramel Pearls Necklace

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