I need some cheering up...
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Let's Play Dress Up

Recently Shabby Apple asked on their Facebook page:

Which bright, bold color would you rather make a statement with - shocking yellow or adventurous red?

Without a doubt, I chose their Taxicab Yellow Skirt but I would style it just a little different.
Merona Essentials Cardigan from Target

Layered with this American Vintage tank top from Liberty London
Hey There Leather Heels By Seychelles
This is the part of the outfit where my boyfriend will ask "Do those shoes match that outfit???" to which I abruptly say "YES!!!!!" and leave the room before he can respond. He sometimes questions my judgment in fashion. 
So that's my fluff blog post for today, still have last minute preparations for tomorrow!  I'll share how the Craftacular went next week. Have a nice weekend!
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